Resources for Executive and Personal Assistants

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Must-have resources for Executive and Personal Assistants

Executive and Personal Assistants are the backbone of any office. You must anticipate the needs of busy Executives, manage their schedules, coordinate with other team members, and handle important tasks such as travel arrangements, meeting logistics, and correspondence.

To simplify your jobs, Executive and Personal Assistants can use the Practically Perfect PA range of digital downloads, templates and tools.The resources for Executive and Personal Assistants are designed to streamline daily workflows, increase productivity, and help navigate complex office environments.

Meeting Agenda for Assistants and Executives

1:1 Meeting Template

The template you need to maximise the time spent with your Executive.

Travel Itinerary for Practically Perfect PA

Travel Itinerary Template

Use this template to organise and manage complex business travel

CV template for Assistants

CV Template for Assistants

Use this template to craft the perfect resume for your Assistant job search. 

Capturing Messages Template

Template for Capturing Messages

Don’t miss any details next time you pick up someone else’s phone!

Cover letter template for Assistants

Cover Letter Template for Assistants

Use this template to craft the perfect cover letter that promotes you.

SMART objectives and goal-setting template for Assistants

Objective and Goal Setting Bundle

Ace your next preview with this fantastic bundle of SMART objectives and goal-setting templates.

Minute-Taking Template for Assistants

Minute-Taking Template

This powerful template is designed to help busy Assistants take effective minutes.

Saying No

What to say when you want to say no – example conversations to make you more assertive

Job Description Examples

Download our free job description template today and secure the ideal candidate for your team!

Ultimate Assistant’s Task Template

Your essential tool for documenting and understanding the full scope of your duties.

Onboarding New Staff Checklist

Take the stress out of onboarding a new employee with our checklist.

New Starter Checklist

New Starter Checklist

The checklist you need to get a new member of staff up and running.

Checklist for Meeting Planning

Checklist for Meeting Planning

This checklist will help streamline planning for every meeting.

Remote tools for Assistants

20 Remote Tools for Assistants

Take control of remote working with these essential tools

Replies for frequent requests

Replies for Frequent Requests

This template gives Assistants quick replies to standard requests

Outlook Hacks for Assistants

Microsoft Outlook Hacks

Change the way you use Outlook with these hacks.

Gmail Hacks for Assistants

Gmail Hacks

Change the way you use Gmail with these useful hacks.

Hard Skills for Assistant Template

 Assistant Skills to include in your CV

Use this guide to capture all of your high-level Assistant skills.

Questions to Ask a New Executive

Use this guide to work in sync with your Executive from day one.

100 words to help with minute-taking

100 words for minute-taking

100 descriptive words to incorporate into your minute-taking.

Networking questions for Assistants

Networking Questions for Assistants

Make sure your next networking event really works for you.

20 ways to impress your Executive

20 Ways to Impress Your Executive

The worksheet gives you 20 ideas to elevate you in the Assistant role.

50 Chrome Extensions for Assistants

50 Google Chrome Extensions

The guide lists 50 great Chrome Extensions for Productivity and time management.

Daily Checklist for Assistants

Use this checklist to ensure every task you have is managed and executed flawlessly.

The go-to resources for Assistants