Take control of remote working with these essential tools

Download the remote tools for Executive Assistants guide.

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These tools will help you stay in contact, manage projects, collaborate and quickly work out the right time zones for video calls.

We live in the remote and hybrid working age where Assistants and their Executives have to embrace technology to ensure constant contact and communication.

Our brilliant list of 20 remote tools for Assistants will help you completely overhaul your tech set-up. Our checklist will ensure a professional working environment at home while boosting your productivity and efficiency.

Use this guide to upgrade your remote working set-up.

Assistants who download the ’20 Remote Tools for Assistants’ guide will be able to upgrade their tech set-up for maximum efficiency quickly. Quickly get to grips with the technology that will help you stay in contact with your Executive and work in sync remotely.

Make sure you don’t miss a beat when you can’t be in the office working face to face with your Executive. These tools will help you stay in contact, manage projects, collaborate and quickly work out the right timezones for video calls.

Remote tools for Assistants

Tools that will help you manage your work remotely

Help your Executive and team stay connected

New tools to help you stay on top of your workload

Stay connected while working from home

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Practically Perfect PA is a great resource for templates, researching new tools and taking online courses for anyone new or trying to brush up on certain skills.

Well thought-out and accessible courses with a mix of free resources. A great and enthusiastic community and a place where you can feel understanding and belonging, which is hard to source in an Assistant role, especially when we’re all working more remotely these days.

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