Communicate with clarity and confidence

Communicate with clarity and confidence

Elevate your communication skills, foster stronger relationships, and step into your power as a confident communicator.

Does this sound like you?

“I often hesitate before speaking up in meetings because I’m unsure of how to phrase my thoughts.”

It takes me ages to draft a simple message to my Executive or team. I re-read and revise it multiple times, doubting its clarity.”

“I feel that my spoken communication doesn’t convey my ideas as effectively as it should. It sounds better in my mind!

“I’ve tried to voice my suggestions and concerns, but it feels like I’m not being heard or taken seriously.

“Despite spending a lot of time preparing for presentations, the feedback suggests they aren’t engaging or clear.”

“Every time I need to address a concern or provide feedback, I freeze or stumble over my words.

I have so many ideas and contributions to share, but the fear of miscommunication holds me back.”

The silence after I communicate is disheartening. I put forward ideas or ask questions, and there’s minimal response.”

You’re not alone! Many Assistants grapple with these challenges daily. Being in a role that demands effective communication with various stakeholders, it’s essential to convey thoughts with clarity and confidence. Our Confident Communicator Course is tailored to help Assistants like you overcome these hurdles and transform your communication skills.

More than 5000 Assistants and businesses worldwide have enrolled on a Practically Perfect PA course

What is the Confident Communicator Online Course?

The Confident Communicator Online Course is a comprehensive training program specifically designed for Assistants who aim to refine and enhance their communication skills.

In the modern workplace, where clear and effective communication is paramount, this course equips Assistants with the tools, strategies, and insights they need to stand out and make a lasting impact.

  • Workbooks included with every module

  • Video-based lectures with world-leading tutors

  • Copy-and-paste swipe files, checklists, resources & templates

  • Questionnaires and surveys you can work through with your Executive

  • Certificate delivered on completion of the course


You can communicate in a way that’s authentic to your voice, making people resonate with and value what you contribute.

You can convey ideas that are genuine, true to your style, assertive without being aggressive, and persuasive without being overpowering.


  • Every time I communicate an idea or proposal, it’s met with overwhelming approval. My input is eagerly awaited in every meeting!”

  • Any time there’s a change or a new project, I can confidently convey the message without waiting for external help or guidance.”

  • I’m producing more comprehensive reports and presentations in half the time!”

  • Feedback on my communication has improved exponentially. My Executives and peers are constantly praising my clarity and effectiveness!”
  • People from different departments are reaching out, expressing their appreciation for my effective communication during collaborative projects.”

  • I’ve finally taken the lead on major projects, confidently communicating and guiding the team to success!”

…all achieved in less time than it takes to finish a season of your favourite series (and with career growth that’s off the charts).

The Confident Communicator

Everything you need to convey ideas that resonate and drive action — Guaranteed. The Confident Communicator is the acclaimed online program designed to elevate your communication skills, ensuring you express yourself confidently and effectively, every time.

By the end of the course, you’ll be able to…

  • Communicate more effectively

    No more ruminating over the perfect way to phrase your thoughts in a team meeting or an email. With a suite of practical techniques, real-world examples, and unique exercises, you’ll be articulating your ideas with ease, in less time, and with greater impact.

  • Express with clarity & precision

    Say goodbye to ambiguous messages and unclear directives. You’ll master the art of conveying your thoughts with crystal clarity, ensuring your voice is both heard and understood.

  • Speak confidently & consistently

    Gone are the days of postponing that presentation or hesitating to share your insights in a meeting. You’ll be prepared to communicate the moment a situation demands — free from self-doubt and second-guessing.

  • Influence without intimidation

    In the office, there are colleagues and superiors who need your expertise and insights. We’ll equip you with the skills to persuade and inspire them through genuine, compelling communication that drives action.

Words of praise from past students

They did it. So can you.

As a very busy Assistant, I often refer to Practically Perfect PA for answers to questions I have. The site has volumes of information that help answer questions that arise. I love Practically Perfect PA!
Jacinda Moreau, Executive Assistant
My testimonial is that I have not had this type of support since my days at Disney. Your platform has the needed skills, training, coaching, development and so much more to bring a person from having an Assistant job to an Assistant career.
Jill Kloc, Executive Assistant
Practically Perfect PA is the most useful and relevant business development resource if you’re in the Assistant business
Trúc Tran, Executive Assistant
I love the content – it is thoughtful, relevant, and inspiring. Sometimes being an EA can feel like you’re on an island, but having a forum and resource like Practically Perfect PA is truly a gift. I am not alone, the problems I face are not exclusively mine, and there are other assistants who are striving to be the best version of themselves. What more could a gal need?
Savannah Snix, Executive Assistant

What will you learn in The Confident Communicator?

Whether you’re looking to be more influential in meetings, collaborate more effectively with your Executive, or simply convey ideas with precision, the Confident Communicator Course is your roadmap to success.

Understand and Master Workplace Communication

In any professional setting, the power of clear, effective communication cannot be understated. For Assistants, this skill is paramount, given the diverse roles you play in bridging communication gaps and ensuring seamless workflow. The Confident Communicator Course delves into the very core of this skill.

  • Learn strategies that underpin different types of workplace interactions.

  • Equip yourself with tools and templates, like the Assistant job description and the Assistant elevator pitch, to increase your visibility and purpose within the organisation.

Crafting Your Unique Communication Identity

With a comprehensive understanding of your personality and communication preferences, Assistants can confidently navigate diverse professional landscapes, ensuring their voice is both heard and valued. 

  • Delve into managing emotions during professional interactions, balancing internal powers like intuition and external factors like relationships.

  • Harness the strength of your unique communication style using tools like the OPRAS Model and insights into personality and communication preferences.

Developing and Refining Core Communication Skills

By the end of The Confident Communicator, Assistants will be adept at harnessing the full spectrum of communication tools, ensuring clarity, confidence, and impact in every interaction.

  • Master the art of non-verbal cues, active listening, and effective written communication.
  • Understand the power of asking the right questions to extract the information you need.

Evolving with Advanced Communication Techniques

With strategies to prepare for and navigate challenging conversations and insights into leveraging the sheer potency of words, Assistants will emerge from this course as adept communicators, ready to face any challenge with confidence and clarity.

  • Learn to adapt and resonate with various communication styles, building genuine connections across diverse teams.
  • Overcome common barriers to effective communication, preparing for difficult conversations, and harnessing the power of words in the Assistant role

BONUS: On-going support inside The EA Campus Community

As a Confident Communicator student, you also have access to our monthly private mentorship call with Nicky Christmas, which is only open to course students.

You also have access to The EA Campus Community, our private online community for Assistants. Ask questions, get feedback, and meet fellow Assistants. Usually priced at £175 | $210 | €205 | AUD230 per year, The EA Campus is free for one year for The Confident Communicator online course students.

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    The Full Confident Communicator Curriculum

    We give you the exact plan to elevate your communication skills.


    Why is communication important in the workplace?

    TEMPLATE: Mastering Different Types of Workplace Communication

    The seven Cs of communication

    Increasing visibility in the Assistant role (6:34)

    The Assistant Elevator Pitch

    TEMPLATE: Assistant job description

    BONUS: Reclaim your purpose (22:24)


    Self-awareness for Assistants (04:20)

    Quiz: How do others perceive your communication style? 

    Managing Emotions in Professional Interactions

    Internal Power – Intuition, Knowledge, and Resilience (10:21)

    External Powers – Magnetism, Relationships and Assertiveness (11:45)

    TEMPLATE: Utilising the OPRAS Model

    Harnessing the Power of Your Strengths (21:17)

    TEMPLATE: Communication preferences

    BONUS: Building Your Personal Brand (22:17)


    Developing your professional communication skills (10.23)

    Non-verbal communication

    Active listening for Assistants (13:34)

    PROCESS: Process for Assistants to clarify doubts

    Improving your written communications (06:39)

    CHEAT SHEET: Simplifying language - examples

    Asking questions and getting the information you need (13:41)

    Why it is important to ask questions in the Assistant role (03:32)

    CHEAT SHEET: Using questions to communicate with clarity

    Writing effective emails (28:38)

    CASE STUDY: communicating with clarity and confidence (43:11)


    Why Communication Flexibility is Vital for Assistants

    Building trust and relationships

    Communicating boundaries in the Assistant role (24:32)

    CHECKLIST: Assessing your current boundaries

    PROCESS: Understanding your organisation’s language, Jargon and Acronyms

    TEMPLATE: Clarifying Questions

    BONUS: How to communicate with anyone! (25:15)


    Considering confidence as a skill (18:29)

    Using the five Ps to improve engagement in your communications (03:14)

    Confidence is key for Assistants (04:15)

    How to be a more assertive speaker

    Hard no's vs. soft no's (05:18)

    Pushing back on non-urgent requests (03:24)

    PROCESS: Communicating 'no'

    Communicating your achievements (05:18)

    Case study: Building confidence (04:51)

    BONUS: How to be visibly brilliant (24:50)

    BONUS: Self-Promotion for Assistants (18:56)


    Understanding communication styles (21:11)

    Communication and diversity

    Understand Other Points of View

    Assumptions, Expectations, and Perspectives (17:43)

    Building rapport and making connections (43:36)

    Listening Tour: A Strategic Exercise for Assistants

    TEMPLATE: Rapport-building questions

    CHEAT SHEET: Communicating with clarity and confidence - 100 examples

    BONUS: What do you do? Increasing your visibility (20:56)

    TEMPLATE: Rapport building questions


    Landing Your Messages

    A deeper look at questions

    Building Empathy

    Communicating feedback (07:08)

    Speaking like a leader (21:04)

    The power of repeat (21:28)

    BONUS: Developing your Executive presence (34:08)


    The problem with communication (02:15)

    How to engage in consistent and constant communication about your needs (14:35)

    Case Study: Staying in the loop with a busy Executive (03:59)

    The power of words in the Assistant role (02:19)

    Focus and Feedback (27:17)

    How to network without feeling awkward (06:10)

    PROCESS: Preparing for a difficult conversation with your Executive

    CHEAT SHEET: Providing Feedback to Executives

    BONUS: The opportunity in conflict - How to have hard conversations (46:17)


    Building your confidence to speak in meetings (08:32)

    Do you wonder what to say in meetings? (06:16)

    Speaking publicly with confidence and clarity

    Case Study: Building your business acumen (05:01)

    The OPRAHS method (05:23)

    CHECKLIST: Effective Assistant and Executive Meetings Schedule

    BONUS: Cultivating confidence to lead a room (26:29)


    QUIZ: Understanding Your Executive's Communication and Working Style

    Effective communications with your Executive (30:57)

    Communication strategies with your Executive (09:08)

    TEMPLATE: The Communication agreement between an Assistant and Executive

    CHECKLIST: Communication Protocols with your Executive

    Understanding and communicating expectations (08:31)

    CHECKLIST: Effective Communication for Assistant and Executive Collaboration