Unlocking the potential in every senior Assistant

Learn the skills and strategies to create a successful business partnership with your Executive and develop a deep understanding of your organisation.

Every senior Assistant has the potential to work as a Strategic Business Partner

A Strategic Business Partner is a senior Assistant who is included in conversations regarding their organisation’s future, mission, goals, and strategy. They work in step with their Executive, forging the strongest possible working relationship. And they understand the business better than anyone. In this course, we show you step-by-step how to do just that.

More than 500 Assistants and businesses worldwide have enrolled in The Strategic Business Partner

What is the Strategic Business Online Course?

The course is specifically designed to show you step-by-step how to build a strategic business partnership with your Executive, grow your business acumen and understanding of strategic goals and objectives, change your mindset so that you are confident in your opinions and the work you produce, future-proof your career and not get left behind as the Assistant role continues to evolve.

  • Workbooks included with every module

  • Video-based lectures with world-leading tutors

  • Copy-and-paste swipe files, checklists, resources & templates

  • Questionnaires and surveys you can work through with your Executive

  • Certificate delivered on completion of the course

Transform your career and achieve greater success

Whether you want to start expanding the relationship with your Executive or take your current role to new heights, The Strategic Business Partner Online Course can help. The Course provides the crucial elements you need to succeed as a high-level Assistant.

Do you want to collaborate on projects that move the business forward?

Gain a deep understanding of communicating your interest in working on strategic projects with your Executive or other relevant stakeholders. Feel comfortable expressing your desire to contribute to the organisation’s long-term goals.

Do you want a fulfilling, meaningful Assistant career?

After the course, you’ll know exactly what your role should look like, how to align your job description to your work, take ownership of your responsibilities, work proactively, create goals for your career, build meaningful relationships and work with a purpose. Learn how to craft your role so that you maximise your potential.

Do you want to maximise your skills, abilities and potential?

Learn how to demonstrate value by delivering results that positively impact your organisation. Identify your strengths and weaknesses and use our templates to help you speak more confidently when discussing your work and impact.

Do you want to be recognised as the right-hand person to your Executive?

The course will teach you how to take the initiative and show that you can anticipate your Executive’s needs and act accordingly. You will better understand your boss’s work style and preferences and adapt to them.

Don’t let budget approval stop you from enrolling

If you want to take the course but are unsure how to ask your Executive or L&D department to cover the cost of the course, don’t worry, we have you covered. Download our course brochure and business case. Both documents have helped 100s of Assistants ask their organisations to cover the course fees and enrol in the Strategic Business Partner online course.

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      They did it. So can you.

      What will you learn in The Strategic Business Partner online course?

      Through each stage of the course, you’ll learn everything you need to know to create a seamless partnership with your Executive, understand how to be strategic in your thinking, and work at a high level with your leadership team.

      Discover the fundamental aspects of partnership

      Take an in-depth look at the basics you need in the Assistant role before considering moving into a strategic position.

      Learn the tried and tested strategies high-performing assistants use to elevate themselves in the role. Create a new way of thinking and a new way of working that is strategic, business-focused and proactive.

      • Get crystal clear on how to work in partnership with your Executive.
      • Discover the questions you need to ask to accelerate trust and build rapport.

      Craft your own strategic business partner role

      Discover how to craft your role to work proactively rather than reactively. Create an effective job description aligned with the strategic needs of the business.

      Understand the mindset shift Assistants need to take to be more intentional in their careers. Learn from case studies and gain practical tips on how Assistants can create the mindset required to succeed as a Strategic Business Partner.

      • Move away from being reactive into a proactive and strategic Assistant
      • Rethink your job description and yearly objectives.

      Understand what you need to make the partnership work

      Get crystal clear on the supervisory support you need to become a strategic asset and the part your Executive needs to play in making the partnership successful.

      • Use our expectation framework that will ensure you are always on the same page with your Executive
      • Leverage one-to-one meetings with your Executive to move strategic work and organisational objectives forward. 

      Build your communication skills and cement relationships

      Establish continuous communication with your Executive. Create an open and honest dialogue that is key to the success of your partnership.

      Explore what it means to work within the inner circle. That is the team that operates around your Executive and influences their thoughts and decision-making.

      • Make your communications effective and impactful and influence your Executive and colleagues.

      • Learn techniques that will boost your confidence to see yourself as part of the inner circle and an equal to those working in that position.

      Create impact in your role with strategic thinking

      Create impact in your role and across your organisation. How does what you do as an Assistant have a meaningful impact on the business? Incorporate strategies into your work that move the needle and achieve greater success across their organisations. Increase your overall understanding of the business, take the initiative and be proactive.

      • Build strategic thinking while staying on top of your day-to-day tasks.
      • Ensure you are working on the right projects with our strategic impact template.

      Build your reputation

      Build a reputation that inspires confidence in the digital era. Discover the power of personal branding for Assistants and how to use networks to build your influence and get things done.

      Learn how to operate in a fast-paced working environment and set boundaries to help alleviate unnecessary stress and burnout.

      • Redefine your thinking so your voice is heard and your opinions are sought-after.

      • Get the framework you need to build strong boundaries and have them respected by others.

      Future-proof your career

      Look to the future, how the role will change, and the skills needed to future-proof your career. Understand the future of the role, what it will look like, and how a Strategic Business Partner can operate in any organisation. Identify career options and what is possible for Assistants now that the office and business look very different.

      • Never miss an opportunity to thrive in the Assistant role.
      • Understand what is required to move into a strategic business partnership post-pandemic.

      BONUS: On-going support inside The EA Campus Community

      As a Strategic Business Partner student, you also have access to our weekly private mentorship call with Nicky Christmas, which is only open to course students.

      You also have access to The EA Campus Community, our private online community for Assistants. Ask questions, get feedback, and meet fellow Assistants. Usually priced at £175 | $210 | €205 | AUD230 per year, The EA Campus is free for The Strategic Business Partner online course students.

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      The Full Strategic Business Partner Curriculum

      We give you the exact plan to move into a strategic business partnership role

      MODULE ONE: What does it mean to be a Strategic Business Partner? Part one

      PREVIEW FOR FREE: What does it mean to be a Strategic Business Partner? (16:55)

      Trust, loyalty, honesty and respect: An introduction to strategic partnerships (10:30)

      How to build trust with your Executive

      Building an effective relationship with your Executive

      Building Rapport with your Executive (21:22)

      WORKBOOK: Accelerating Trust with your Executive

      EXERCISE: Are you ready to start building your partnership? Ten questions to ask yourself and your Executive (2:08)

      TEMPLATE: 20 Questions to Help Build Rapport

      TEMPLATE: 20 Questions to Help Build Rapport

      BONUS: Rise up! How to excel as a Strategic Business Partner

      MODULE TWO: Being Intentional – Crafting your own Strategic Business Partner role

      Ripping up your job description and aligning your role with strategic business objectives (8:47)

      Reviewing your job description

      Moving away from tick-box administrative tasks to value-adding tasks (21:28)

      WORKBOOK: Moving away from “tick box” administrative tasks

      EXERCISE: Crafting your role – Your 90-Day Plan (7:58)

      TEMPLATE: Creating SMART goals and objectives that align with your organisation’s strategy

      TEMPLATE: Job Description for a Strategic Business Partner

      BONUS: Crafting your role masterclass with Shirwyn Weber (61:07)

      MODULE THREE: What supervisory support do you need to become a Strategic Business Partner?

      10 expectations Strategic Business Partners have of their Executive (6:54)

      Encouraging your Executive to delegate (10:38)

      What meetings should you have with your Executive?

      WORKBOOK: What supervisory support do you need to become a Strategic Business Partner?

      EXERCISE: The Partnership Model (11:00)

      TEMPLATE: Measuring performance by meeting and exceeding expectations

      BONUS: Managing your 1:1 meeting with your Executive (13:00)

      MODULE FOUR: The Strategic Business Partner as a master communicator

      Communicating with clarity and confidence (24:11)

      Effective listening (18:46)

      Understanding your Executive's behaviour (38:41)

      Being curious and asking good questions (46:15)

      WORKBOOK: The communication agreement

      EXERCISE: Understanding your personality and communication preferences

      TEMPLATE: Clarifying questions

      BONUS: Mastering difficult conversations (31:40)

      MODULE FIVE: Cementing relationships: Entering and creating a position in the inner circle

      Exploring the concept of the inner circle (15:38)

      Case study: Working in the inner circle (44:20)

      How can you be heard when people don’t want to listen?

      WORKBOOK: Creating your own inner circle and building influence

      EXERCISE: How credible are you in your role?

      TEMPLATE: Understanding Leadership Styles

      BONUS: Q&A with Debbie Gross, Former Chief EA to the
      CEO of CISCO (63:50)

      MODULE SIX: Creating impact in your role

      Creating impact in your role (23:23)

      This three letter word is holding you back (13:01)

      Saying no more often can create impact

      WORKBOOK: Moving the Needle - Creating Impact in your role

      EXERCISE: Finding opportunities for growth (10:29)

      TEMPLATE: Creating Strategic Impact

      BONUS: Strategic Project Example

      MODULE SEVEN: Owning your space: Networking and Personal Branding

      Become a person of influence by elevating your brand through
      networking (9:35)

      Discover your ‘Big Game’ (your mission, vision and purpose) (67:58)

      WORKBOOK: How to elevate your personal brand using the
      know-like-trust principle

      EXERCISE: How to communicate your value and uniqueness through
      your spoken word (4:09)

      TEMPLATE: 20 networking questions to use at any Assistant event

      BONUS: Me, Incorporated (17:39)

      MODULE EIGHT: Understanding strategy and improving your strategic thinking

      The road to strategic thinking (20:06)

      Improving your strategic thinking (17:58)

      WOOKBOOK: Understanding your organisation's strategy

      EXERCISE: The listening tour (8:35)

      TEMPLATE: Resources to increase your business acumen

      BONUS: Introducing OKRs (29:49)

      MODULE NINE: What does it mean to be a Strategic Business Partner? Part two

      Anticipating needs and other mind reading tricks (26:28)

      Operating in partnership (16:58)

      Holding yourself accountable (5:08)

      Giving and receiving feedback (16:14)

      EXERCISE: What do they pay you for? Getting results beyond
      the drift! (8:24)

      TEMPLATE: Preparing for a difficult conversation with your Executive

      BONUS: Strategic Project Example

      MODULE TEN: Working in a fast-paced environment, setting boundaries and avoiding burnout

      How to work in a high-pressured environment (20:11)

      How to engage in consistent and constant communication about
      your needs (14:41)

      Self-care and The Strategic Assistant (17:35)

      Understanding overwhelm and setting priorities

      How to regain control of your workload (26:02)

      WORKBOOK: Discovering your boundaries and respecting them

      EXERCISE: Partnering with a self-reliant Executive

      BONUS: The Elevated EA - An Interview with Maggie Jacobs (62:38)

      MODULE ELEVEN: The mindset of a successful strategic business partner

      Think Like a CEO (36:54)

      How to overcome imposter syndrome (33:09)

      Remaining steady in the storms of change (27:51)