Our courses have helped over 10,000 Assistants reach their full potential

Our Courses have helped over 10,000 Assistants reach their full potential

Take ownership of your career and role as an Assistant by enrolling on our Practically Perfect PA Online Courses.

At Practically Perfect PA, we’ve been at the forefront of online training for Assistants for over a decade, empowering over 10,000 professionals through our results-driven courses. With our proven track record, you can trust that we know what works when it comes to elevating your career as an Assistant.

Ready to level up your skills as a Personal or Executive Assistant? Our online courses are tailored to fit your busy schedule, so you can learn at your own pace, whenever and wherever works best for you!

When you join a Practically Perfect PA Online Course, you’ll gain all the tools you need to build a rock-solid foundation, conquer essential skills, cultivate a strategic mindset, and become a productivity powerhouse. We’ve got you covered from every angle!

Looking to boost your interpersonal skills, become a communication pro, and master the art of time management? Our online courses are designed to help you develop all the crucial skills you need to become a top-performing Assistant. Get ready to take your career to new heights!

More than 10,000 Assistants and businesses worldwide have enrolled on a Practically Perfect PA Online Course

Why a Practically Perfect PA Online Course?

Since 2011, Practically Perfect PA has been the go-to resource for Assistant and Administrative Professional training. Our proven strategies and concepts not only help Assistants reach the top of their field but also equip them with the tools to stay there and make a lasting impact on their organisations.

Investing in your development with Practically Perfect PA online courses is a smart move. By providing essential training that fits seamlessly into your schedule, you’re not only boosting your productivity and skills but also cultivating a more efficient and effective partnership with your Executive. When you thrive, your business thrives.

Ready to take your performance to the next level?

Our online courses are designed to deliver results that directly benefit your Organisation, with a more confident, capable, and strategic Assistant by your Executive’s side.

  • Breaking Down Barriers • We offer easy access, on-demand, cost-effective training for Assistants.
  • Technical Excellence • Learn the latest skills and qualities needed to excel in the Assistant role.
  • Expert Guidance • Every course is innovative and engaging with real insights and solutions.

14 premium courses that deliver results

In-Depth Courses

The Strategic Business Partner Online Course

A step-by-step course designed to help Assistants forge strong partnerships with their Executives. Learn the skills and insights needed to build an effective working relationship, develop sharp business acumen, and cultivate a confident decision-making mindset that will transform your perspective and elevate your role.

The Confident Communicator Online Course

A comprehensive training program specifically designed for Assistants who aim to refine and enhance their communication skills. When clear and effective communication is paramount, this course equips Assistants with the tools, strategies, and insights they need to stand out and make a lasting impact.

Fundamental Courses

The Assistant Essentials Online Course

Gain essential skills, knowledge, and expertise to excel in your role. From admin duties to communication strategies, our comprehensive course is perfect for beginners or those looking to upskill. Packed with engaging content and practical insights, build your Assistant career now.

The Assistant Mindset
Online Course

Upgrade your professional toolkit with our comprehensive online course. Unlock the secrets to mastering influence, cultivating a successful mindset, and honing essential soft skills. Gain the knowledge and strategies needed to navigate challenges and excel in your role.

Productivity & Time Management Online Course

Master task prioritisation, goal setting, and time management skills with our Productivity and Time Management course for Assistants. Take control of your to-do list and boost productivity.

The Assistant Playbook Online Course

This course is designed to provide Assistants with the knowledge, skills, and tools they need to excel in their roles and become indispensable assets to their organisations.

Key Skills Courses

Effective Calendar Management Online Course

Our online course for Assistants teaches the tools to master scheduling complex calendars. Level up your skills and efficiently handle all aspects of diary management.

Effective Email Management Online Course

Our course equips Assistants with tools to manage inboxes and emails for their Executives. Learn best practices for effective email management and elevate your skills.

Effective Meetings Management Online Course

Our online course empowers Assistants with the tools for executing purposeful and effective meetings. Enhance your skills and make meetings more productive.

The Digital Assistant Bootcamp Online Course

You’ll master the art of digital productivity, get hands-on training in AI and automation, and gain unparalleled proficiency in both Google Workspace and Microsoft tools.

Managing Up and Working in Sync Online Course

The ultimate system to grow your professional skills, deepen your Executive relationships and secure your place as an invaluable team member.

Accelerate your Assistant Job Search Online Course FREE

This step-by-step course will help you prepare for a new job search, take control, and minimise the time it takes to land a role that works for you.

Bundle Courses

Save money with our bundled courses. Bringing together our most popular courses in a cost-effective package.

The Unrivalled Assistant Bundle Course

The all-in-one comprehensive course for mastering Assistant Essential tasks, Mindset and competencies, Productivity and Time Management.

The Effective Assistant Bundle Course

The most extensive online course for Assistants. Master the essential tasks – email management, diary management and meetings management.

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