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Guide to preparing for a Personal or Executive Assistant job search

This comprehensive guide will give you the direction to transition into a new Assistant role.

I know finding the proper Assistant role can be a difficult and often frustrating journey. So much of it can come down to personality, qualifications, or experience within a specific industry.

This guide, Preparing for a new Personal or Executive Assistant job search, is designed to help you make your way through each step of the journey.

Here you will find everything you need to prepare for the perfect Personal and Executive Assistant job search, including templates for CVs and covering letters, questions and answers for the interviews and those all-important keyword search terms that will get you in front of the right recruiters.

Once you have landed the dream role, this guide will ensure you make the right first impression with your new Executive.

We are there every step of the way!

Here are the topics we are going to cover in Preparing for a new Personal or Executive Assistant job search:

Chapter one: So you want to find a new Assistant role?

Whether you’re embarking on your Assistant career or looking to change, the first step is finding your ideal role. Chapter one lays out five steps you need to take to find your perfect role.

Chapter two: Looking for an Assistant role online

Searching for a role online is one of the most efficient ways to access job postings. To ensure you get the best possible results, look at chapter two for advice on looking for an Assistant role online.

Chapter three: Building a brilliant CV for Personal and Executive Assistants

We look at everything you need to include in an Assistant resume. Including an Executive Personal Assistant CV sample.

Chapter four: Covering letters and messages when applying for an Assistant role

This chapter will look at cover letters and messages. Assistants should attach to their applications. Including an Executive Personal Assistant cover message sample.

Chapter five: Working with an Assistant Recruitment Agency

Most Assistants find their next job opportunities through a recruitment agency, which has challenges. We look at the steps Assistants should take when working with a recruitment agency.

Chapter six: Preparing for an Assistant Interview

From video interviews to three rounds of face-to-face meetings, it can be a long process to get a new Assistant role finally. We will share tips and tricks on the best preparation for an Assistant interview, including tried and tested interview questions and answers for a PA or EA interview.

Chapter seven: Recruiting your replacement and saying goodbye graciously

You’ve landed your new dream role! What to do now? We cover the steps Assistants need to take before starting their new role.

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