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You and Your Career

Why is Executive and Personal Assistant job and career development so crucial for success in the Executive and Personal Assistant role?

We have spent many years training and learning from all levels of Assistants. One of the critical things we have found is that mindset, career, and personal development is incredibly important to success. It could be the most important thing.

You can’t work as a high-level Assistant without doing the work yourself. This is harder said than done for Assistants. They are so busy working to support those around them; they often don’t find the time to develop their own career plans, goals or objectives.  This has to change.

You and your career have to be centre stage. We will show you how.

On this page, you will find the following:

  • Our best free articles, tutorials and videos on ensuring Executive and Personal Assistant job and career development.

  • The skills needed for Assistants to work on their career progression, reward and recognition.

  • A step-by-step guide on how Assistants can prepare themselves when looking for a new job.

  • Our online course will help Assistants build a top-level careers, get promoted, and gain recognition.

Free templates and resources for Assistant career development

CV template for Assistants

CV Template for Assistants

Use this template to craft the perfect resume for your Assistant job search. 

SMART objectives and goal-setting template for Assistants

Objective and Goal Setting Bundle

Ace your next preview with this fantastic bundle of SMART objectives templates.

The essential guide for career-driven Assistants

Executive and Personal Assistant job and career development

Our essential guide for Assistants who are looking for a new role.

Welcome to the ultimate guide to finding your dream Assistant role! Here, we’ve curated the best tips and tricks to help you navigate every step of your journey with ease. Whether you’re just starting or looking to level up, our Practically Perfect PA guide has got you covered.

Accelerate your Job Search Online Course

This step-by-step course will help you prepare for a new job search, take control, and minimise the time it takes to land a role that works for you.

  • 5 in-depth modules

  • Workbooks, Copy-and-paste swipe files, checklists, resources & templates

  • Video-based lectures with world-leading tutors

  • Certificate delivered on completion of the course

Articles, Tutorials and Case Studies

These articles, tutorials, and case studies give Assistants practical advice on advancing their careers, Assistant salary, and progression.

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Career Development videos and online webinars

Check out the Practically Perfect PA YouTube Channel. We have a whole playlist dedicated to building your Assistant career.

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