Don’t miss any details next time you pick up someone else’s phone!

Download the free Template for capturing telephone messages

Template for capturing telephone messages

Make sure important messages are delivered to your Executive and co-workers

With the capturing messages template, you can easily capture all the details you need to accurately hand off a telephone message to your colleagues or Executive. This simple yet effective tool is free and easy to use, making it easier than ever to stay organised.

When picking up phone calls, document the correct information with every conversation. Ask relevant questions to ensure you have all the pertinent details of the message before handing it off. Although messages may seem small, they can make a big difference when communicating important information between coworkers.

Use this template every time you pick up the phone to capture all of the essential details

With this template, you can be sure that no detail falls through the cracks and that everyone involved in your conversations has all the necessary information. It allows for an efficient and comprehensive approach to communication with your team members and Executives.

In addition, because this template is so easy-to-use and customizable, you don’t have to worry about taking more time than necessary to document each message accurately. Everything remains neat and organised, so there won’t be any confusion when it’s time for distribution.

Capturing Messages Template

Capture all the correct information on a phone call

Ask the right questions when you pick up the phone

Don’t take more time than necessary to take a message

Ensure you take all of the vital information

Streamline communication between colleagues

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