Ace your next performance review with this fantastic SMART objectives and goal-setting template bundle.

Download the free SMART objectives and goal-setting template for Assistants

SMART objectives and goal-setting template for Assistants

Write meaningful objectives that make an impact in your Assistant role

Prepare for your next performance review with this incredible SMART Objectives and Goal Setting bundle! This exclusive bundle of resources is designed especially for Assistants – it includes a range of useful templates, including examples of SMART objectives for Executive Assistants, goal-setting worksheets, conversation templates, and more.

These free templates can help you stay organised and on track throughout the year. Whether you want to set ambitious goals during your yearly review or draft clear objectives during regular meetings with your Executive, our bundle has everything you need.

Use this template to draft goal-setting objectives for your next performance reviews.

This comprehensive package will ensure you hit all those important review deadlines and move forward in your Assistant career. Use the included templates to craft an impressive portfolio of accomplishments – with examples you can adapt for your role.

SMART objectives and goal-setting template for Assistants

Examples of SMART objectives for Executive Assistants

Goal-setting templates for yearly reviews

Performance review conversation examples

Save time writing your yearly objectives

Stand out with your unique skills and attributes

Assistants love the Practically Perfect PA free resources

I love all the templates. They have been used regularly and also provide inspiration to create my own!

Practically Perfect PA is a great resource for templates, researching new tools and taking online courses for anyone new or trying to brush up on certain skills.

Well thought-out and accessible courses with a mix of free resources. A great and enthusiastic community and a place where you can feel understanding and belonging, which is hard to source in an Assistant role, especially when we’re all working more remotely these days.

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