Are you working for a new Executive?

Download the free list of questions you need when you start a role with a new Executive

Cover letter template for Assistants

 With our expertly crafted list of 20 questions, you no longer have to play a guessing game with your Executive.

Too often, Assistants start a new role having to guess how their Executive likes to work, their priorities and how they manage their workflow. Assistants pick up from where the old Assistant left off without any idea of working with their Executive.

Our list of 20 highly relevant, fact-finding questions takes the guesswork out of those early days working with a new Executive.

If you want to make sure you quickly build rapport and get the relationship with your new Executive off to a brilliant start.

This is the template for you!

Ask these questions to your Executive in your first few meetings together, and you will learn more about them, manage their expectations and understand how to work together.

Use this guide to work in sync with your Executive from day one.

Assistants who download our ’20 Questions to Ask Your New Executive’ template are able to take control of the partnership with their Executive from the very first meeting.

Our questions help lay the foundation for the working relationship and help Assistants establish themselves as a real business asset and critical to the success of their Executive.

Working in sync with your Executive from your first day

Learn how your Executive likes to communicate

Set expectations early in the partnership

Take the guess work out of your Assistant role

Save time building rapport and getting to know your Executive

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