Organising an event is a tricky thing with lots of moving parts and details that have to be well managed. In this blog, I want to share some tips on two aspects of the event management process. Here are my top 5 tips on putting together an event schedule and dealing with speakers. Event Schedules and Speakers:

Event scheduling

  1. Programme content will depend on the event itself, but there are a few rules that are universal. The content should be sufficient for the time available so that each section isn’t too hectic or the day is unnecessarily long and drawn out.
  2. There should also be a finale; attending an event should be an experience so don’t just let everyone leave without a final farewell which leaves them with confidence and commitment.
  3. The schedule should be balanced with adequate time contingencies built in.
  4. Is there a highlight in the schedule? It could be the key note speaker or the post-conference dinner. If so ensure it is the highlight and the programme is structured to publicise this point.
  5. Ensure your activities are well sequenced throughout the day. Be especially careful to follow lunches with energising activities

Event Speakers

  1. Many events require speakers, either within your organisation or external. The initial question should be the same in both cases, will they be interesting and relevant to the event? If you don’t know – find out!
  2. Make sure your speakers are diverse and are not discussing the same subject at the event. Your attendees will get bored with all the repetition.
  3. Keep speakers informed on delegate registration, so they know how to target their presentation.
  4. Get the speakers’ presentation material in advance so that you can review what they are speaking on and make sure their slides are appropriate and the right length.
  5. Do remember that you should manage the speaker’s expectations before, during and after the event. Keep them informed before the event, ensure they are comfortable during the event and that they have everything they need to present as well as they can and do thank them after the event and share any feedback they receive.