THURSDAY 11th July 2024

What is the Getting Results Virtual Summit?

Thursday 11th July 2024

9.00am London | 11.00am New York | 11.00am Sydney
(The summit is repeated three times over 24 hours)

Join our one-day online event crafted especially for Executive Assistants, Personal Assistants, and Administrative Professionals: The Getting Results Virtual Summit. This Summit is your comprehensive guide to transforming intentions into tangible outcomes, ensuring every Assistant is primed to deliver exceptional results.

In today’s results-driven professional environment, it’s not just about the effort but the outcomes that truly matter.

This Summit is your key to understanding the art of execution and mastering the strategies to position you as a results-oriented powerhouse in the Assistant profession. But we don’t stop at just theory! We’ll also provide hands-on techniques to ensure that your efforts translate into impactful results, guaranteeing that your contributions are consistently recognised.

Don’t just aim for success; achieve it with the Getting Results Virtual Summit.

Keynote Speakers

Nicky Christmas

Founder of Practically Perfect PA

Tanya Rose Nyakudya

Productivity Coach and Well-being Speaker

Mary Beth Imbarrato

Founder, Author, Consultant, Trainer and Coach at MBI Consulting

Jasmine Mbye

Keynote Speaker, Trainer & Coach

Hallie Warner

Founder, Consultant, Coach at Founder & Force Multiplier

Liz Hardwick

Digital Productivity Specialist

Laura Thomson Staveley

Director of Phenomenal Training Ltd | Podcast Host

Jodie Mears

C-Suite Executive Assistant | Co host of The Crodie Files Podcast

Craig Bryson

C-Suite Executive Assistant | Co host of The Crodie Files Podcast

Summit Schedule

The Getting Results Virtual Summit covers three time zones on Thursday, 11th July 2024. The Summit is meticulously designed to cater to the unique needs and challenges faced by Executive Assistants, Personal Assistants, and Administrative Professionals.

July 11th, 2024:  9.10AM (UK) | 11.10AM (SYDNEY, AUS) | 11.10AM (NY, USA)

Results-Driven Excellence: Strategies for Impactful Performance

In this session, Tanya will help you master the strategies for delivering impactful performance and becoming a results-oriented powerhouse. Tanya will concentrate on:

  • Prioritization Techniques: Learn how to distinguish between urgent and important tasks, ensuring you stay focused on what truly matters.
  • Strategic Time Management: Review mindset & methods to help focus and productivity throughout your day.
  • Leveraging Technology and Tools: Explore productivity apps and tools that streamline your workflow, making your tasks more efficient and effective.

After this session, you will be equipped with more tools and knowledge to boost your efficiency, make you look good, and establish more trust with your Exec(s).

July 11th, 2024: 9.40AM (UK) | 11.40AM (SYDNEY, AUS) | 11.40AM (NY, USA)

Power Up Your Projects and Deliver Results!

Join Mary Beth in this session, where she will introduce you to the Project Toolkit, your GO-TO resource for all things project-related. If you’re results-driven, then you know that having a toolkit loaded with practical and tactical tools will not only provide meaningful results to you and your team, but this powerful Toolkit will elevate your visibility, contribution and overall value to the leadership team and organization. Are you with me? We will focus on the following elements, setting you up for a future with project management.‌

  • The five most common elements for successful projects
  • Establishing your personal project management system to drive successful results
  • Introduction to the Project Toolkit – your GO-TO resource for all things project-related

This session will provide the foundational resources to develop, solidify, and promote your Project Toolkit. Get ready – your skills and use of the Project Toolkit will be in demand! Successful projects require attention to detail, elevated organizational skills, and consistency. By using your own Project Toolkit, you will leverage your skills to get the results you want.

July 11th, 2024: 10.10AM (UK) | 12.10AM (SYDNEY, AUS) | 12.10AM (NY, USA)

Landing Your Message

Nicky will provide essential strategies and insights to help you convey your ideas clearly and persuasively. This session is designed to empower Assistants with the skills needed to ensure their messages resonate with their audience, whether communicating with colleagues, Executives, or clients.

Key Takeaways:

  • Techniques for crafting clear and impactful messages.
  • Strategies to tailor your communication to different audiences.
  • Tips for enhancing your verbal and written communication skills.

July 11th, 2024: 11.00AM (UK) | 1.00PM (SYDNEY, AUS) | 1.00PM (NY, USA)

Resilience for Brilliance

Resilience is critical to our success. Join this session with Jasmine, a TEDx multiple award-winning Leadership Development Speaker & Trainer, in order to develop your capacity to get results without ‘breaking’ yourself.‌

  • Learn what resilience is and the types.
  • Learn how it enables us to maintain well-being, adapt to change, and overcome obstacles in a world that is constantly changing.
  • Learn the all-important resilience question.

Participants leave this session with an understanding of what promotes resilience and three simple steps they can implement to build it. Jasmine looks forward to your joining.

July 11th, 2024: 11.30AM (UK) | 1.30PM (SYDNEY, AUS) | 1.30PM (NY, USA)

Build Your Career in Public

You want to become an influential leader, strategic business partner, and confident force multiplier. You want to take control of your career trajectory. But where do you start?

In this session, Hallie will focus on:

  • Why it’s essential to increase your visibility even if you prefer to be “behind the scenes”
  • The power of personal branding
  • How to position yourself as a thought leader inside, and outside of your company

After this session, you will have critical strategies for taking charge of your career and making your work work for you.

July 11th, 2024: 12.00PM (UK) | 2.00PM (SYDNEY, AUS) | 2.00PM (NY, USA)

Boosting your Digital Productivity with AI Tools and Workflows

Join Digital Productivity Specialist Liz Hardwick from The Productivity Club for this session on how Digital and AI tools can integrate and optimise your existing workflows to help you work smarter, not harder.

This session with Liz will cover:

  • Learn how to analyse and optimise your existing workflows, ensuring they align with your goals and enhance overall efficiency
  • Explore how AI can integrate with tools you already use
  • Understand the range of AI tools available and how they can be used within your work and organisation

July 11th, 2024: 12.30PM (UK) | 2.30PM (SYDNEY, AUS) | 2.30PM (NY, USA)

Using Tech to Surf Your Workload

This 30-minute session will explore how to use tech, automation and AI to get results when busy. As the waves of change continue, we can use tech as our surfboard. We will look at:

  • You: Augmented. Looking for opportunities to get results in non-human ways in your role
  • High touch, High tech: Making choices and decisions that still mean you call the shots
  • Surf culture: Encouraging colleagues around you to embrace tech to work smoothly in how results get done

Whether you are an early adopter or a self-confessed Luddite, after this session, you will feel more empowered to look for opportunities to use the wonders of these new technologies to get results and free up time for your human brilliance to shine!

July 11th, 2024: 1.30PM (UK) | 3.30PM (SYDNEY, AUS) | 3.30PM (NY, USA)

Building a collaborative partnership with your Executive

Join us for an engaging and interactive session designed specifically for Executive Assistants looking to build more effective, collaborative partnerships with their Executives. This session will provide practical strategies and actionable techniques to foster a stronger, more productive working relationship. You will:

  • Understand the dynamics of effective collaboration within Executive teams.
  • Identify the traits and practices that support a collaborative culture.
  • Learn how to apply these principles in the unique context of the Executive Assistant and Executive partnership.

July 11th, 2024: 2.00PM (UK) | 4.00PM (SYDNEY, AUS) | 4.00PM (NY, USA)

Getting results in the Assistant role – Career Q&A

Craig Bryson and Jodie Mears, Executive Assistants and co-hosts of The Crodie Files Podcast, will discuss their strategies for achieving results in their roles, provide an overview of their career journeys, and share how starting a podcast and advocating for the Assistant profession are significantly impacting their careers.

  • Craig and Jodie will share their top strategies for success, emphasizing the importance of proactive communication, effective time management, and building strong relationships within their organizations.
  • They will discuss key milestones and pivotal moments expected to contribute to their growth and expertise as Executive Assistants.
  • They will explain how the podcast allows them to connect with a broader community of Executive Assistants and provide a platform to advocate for the profession.

Ticket Pricing


£60 | USD75 | AUD120 | €70
  • 1 individual licence for the Virtual Summit
  • WATCH LIVE 10 brilliant tailored sessions for Assistants
  • WATCH AT YOUR LEISURE Access to the post-event recordings for 3 months


£400 | USD500 | AUD770 | €470
  • 10 individual licences for the Virtual Summit
  • WATCH LIVE 10 brilliant tailored sessions for Assistants
  • WATCH AT YOUR LEISURE Access to the post-event recordings for 3 months


£1000 | USD1210 | AUD1950 | EUR1160
  • WATCH LIVE with 40 licences and unlimited number of post-event licences for the Virtual Summit
  • 10 brilliant sessions tailored for Assistants
  • MULTI-LOCATION access so offices across the world can view the summit
  • WATCH LATER with access to the post-event recordings for a FULL 12 months

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