The importance of self-awareness for remote Assistants

As the world adapts to remote work, many professionals, including Assistants, have had to navigate new challenges and responsibilities. One crucial skill that has become increasingly important in this remote work environment is self-awareness, particularly when managing time, energy, and commitments.

In the past, when working in a traditional office setting, it was easier to separate work from personal life. However, with remote work, the lines between work and personal time can blur, making it essential to know your own time and energy levels. As an Assistant, being mindful of your available time and energy is crucial in ensuring success and maintaining productivity.

Set realistic deadlines and expectations

Setting achievable deadlines and commitments is crucial in a remote work environment, where distractions may be more prevalent and energy levels may fluctuate. It’s better to under-promise and over-deliver than to over-promise and under-deliver. Setting realistic expectations will help you to manage your workload effectively. It will help build trust with your Executive and colleagues, especially in industries or companies new to remote work.

Maintain visibility and open communications

In addition to managing deadlines and expectations, maintaining visibility and communication is critical for remote Assistants. With limited in-person interactions, it’s important to make an effort to stay connected with Executives, colleagues, stakeholders, and team members. As an Assistant, being the central point of contact for various stakeholders, keeping all communication channels open and being proactive in reaching out is vital. This helps keep projects on track and ensures everyone is aligned and aware of the progress.

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Take care of your own energy levels

Another aspect of self-awareness for remote Assistants is being mindful of your own energy levels. Remote work can sometimes lead to longer working hours or working beyond regular business hours, leading to burnout. Awareness of your energy levels and taking breaks when needed is crucial in maintaining productivity and preventing burnout. It’s important to prioritise self-care and set boundaries to avoid any overexertion.

Make it a priority to build trust with your Executive

For Assistants, building trust with your Executive is crucial in a remote work environment. Trust can be harder to establish when working remotely, as Executives may not have the same visibility into an your work as they would in an office setting. Therefore, being consistent in meeting commitments, delivering on promises, and maintaining open and transparent communication helps in building trust and credibility.

Working remotely has opened many new possibilities for Assistants, but also brings different types of challenges. One invaluable tool to have in the remote work toolkit is self-awareness – understanding your time, energy and available commitments. If you’d like to hone your self-awareness skills, then why not enrol on our Assistant Mindset Online Course? Here, we provide tailored guidance as to how you can effectively flex your work hours when needed in order to remain productive and successful even during remote working. We firmly believe that with the right attitude and knowledge of yourself, you can thrive in this virtual workspace like never before.