Congratulations, your event is finished. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and now you can go back to your day job! Well actually before you go back to your day job there is the little task of receiving some feedback from the attendees. Feedback from the events you organise is really important for a number of reasons. Firstly, your organisation will have spent substantial amount of money on the event and the feedback will help demonstration the return on investment. Secondly, the feedback will help you organise the next event and will help make it better. And finally, organising an event is a big task for assistants and any positive feedback will help you when it comes time to your annual review.

The best way to gain feedback from attendees is to send them a short questionnaire. It doesn’t have to be particularly fancy but you do want to ensure it captures enough data for you to use effectively. Here is my event feedback template. I’ve used this quite a few times over the years.

Event Feedback form

Thank you so much for attending and taking part in [the event]. In this questionnaire we would like to know about your general thoughts about the event and your personal experience.

Q1. Did you enjoy [the event]? 

  • Not at all
  • A little bit
  • Quite a lot

Q2. Was [the event] better than you expected? 

  • Yes a lot better than I expected
  • Exactly what I expected
  • No, not what I expected at all

Q3. How useful was [the event]? 

  • Very useful
  • Useful
  • Not useful at all

Q4. How much have your skills improved since you attended [the event]? 

  • Not at all
  • A little bit
  • Quite a lot

Q5. The objectives for [the event] were [list objectives]. Do you think the objectives were achieved? 

  • Yes, I think all of the objectives were achieved
  • Some of the objectives were achieved
  • No, I don’t think the objectives were achieved

Q6. How skilled in the subject were the presenters at [the event]? 

  • They were very skilled
  • They were slightly skilled
  • They were not skilled at all

Q7. Do you think [the event] was well organised throughout? 

  • Yes very well organised throughout
  • The event was well organised in some areas but not others
  • The event was not well organised

Q8. Overall, were you satisfied with the venue? 

  • The venue was great
  • The venue was okay
  • The venue was rubbish

Q9. Was the location of the venue suitable? 

  • Yes, it was in a great location
  • The location was okay
  • The location was terrible

Q10. Do you feel you had enough time to network with your colleagues during [the event]? 

  • I think we had a lot of networking time
  • There could have been a little more networking time
  • There could have been a lot more networking time

Q11. If you had organised [the event], what would you have done differently? 

  • Open comment box

Q12. Do you have any suggestions for future event topics or sessions? 

  • Open comment box

Q13. Was there anyone that did not attend [the event] that you think should have been there? 

  • Open comment box

Q14. What do you plan to do with the information or training you received at [the event]? 

  • Open comment box

Q15. Do you have any more comments about [the event]?

  • Open comment box