Building Habits and Repetitions: A Key to Strategic Success as an Executive Assistant

Working strategically with an Executive requires more than just completing tasks. It involves developing a deep understanding of the business, building solid relationships, and effectively communicating with executives and other stakeholders. An essential component of success in this role is building habits and engaging in repetition. Here’s why it matters and how to do it effectively.

The Power of Repetition

Repetition is a crucial element of becoming a Strategic Partner to an Executive. By continuously checking in, staying on top of things, and asking questions, an Assistant can stay informed and aligned with the Executive’s goals and priorities. By consistently asking the same questions, the EA ensures that they have a comprehensive view of the business and are equipped to handle any situation.

Repetition also helps build trust with the Executive. By regularly engaging in conversations and showing genuine interest in understanding the business, the Assistant establishes themselves as a reliable and knowledgeable partner.

Asking Questions Continuously

Asking questions is an essential habit for an Assistant. By continuously asking questions, Assistants can stay informed and gain a deeper understanding of the business. This habit not only helps Assistants remain aligned with their Executive’s priorities but also helps the Executive take a step back and consider different perspectives.

Assistants should ask questions that challenge the Executive’s thinking and encourage them to consider alternative viewpoints. These questions should be asked in a way that does not feel invasive but allows the Executive to reflect and think critically. This approach builds trust and helps the Executive make more informed decisions.

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Being a Strategic Partner

An effective Assistant is not just an executor of tasks but a strategic partner. By asking questions continuously, pushing back when necessary, and engaging in regular conversations with the Executive, the Assistant establishes themselves as a valuable asset to the Executive and the organisation. The Assistant should not be afraid to challenge the Executive’s thinking and offer alternative perspectives. This approach helps the Executive make better decisions and contributes to the organisation’s overall success.

Building a Strong Profile

By building habits of repetition, asking questions, and being a strategic partner, the EA can establish a strong profile within the organisation. This approach builds trust with the Executive and enhances the Assistant’s reputation as a knowledgeable and reliable partner. The Assistant becomes known as someone who is always on top of things, consistently asking the right questions and providing valuable insights.

Cultivating habits and engaging in regular repetition is vital for any Assistant wishing to work strategically with their Executive and communicate effectively. By consistently posing questions, providing pushback when necessary, and adopting the role of a strategic partner, the Executive Assistant can establish themselves as an invaluable asset to both the Executive and the organisation. The key lies in being deliberate in forming these habits and maintaining regular dialogues with the Executive.

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