Top skills every Assistant needs to succeed

How do you stay on top of the many and different responsibilities that an Assistant must perform, as well as the required abilities? This article will go through the essential skills that an Assistant typically possesses, including effective calendar management, problem-solving skills, communication and interpersonal skills, and suggestions for improvement.

Time Management

An Assistant’s principal task is to manage their Executives schedule. It’s imperative to learn how to manage your own time to manage your Executives successfully. It makes your job less stressful and boosts productivity.

Calendar Management

Assistants have a wide range of abilities and tasks when it comes to time management. Meetings and conferences require you to learn how to arrange and schedule them. Calendar management is a massive part of the role. Even the most seasoned Assistants find managing a complex calendar to be a difficult and frustrating task.

So, how do you keep track of your Executives’ schedules?

It’s critical to understand what is vital to your Executive, who is important, and which meetings are the most crucial. Learning how to prioritise and streamline your Executive’s calendar can be a challenge.

We have introduced a brand-new course: Effective Calendar Management, that will equip Assistants with the knowledge and skills to master every area of organising and managing their Executive’s calendar.

Problem Solving Skills

An assistant needs to be able to solve problems. Problems appear out of nowhere daily; dealing with unexpected events and adapting to conditions are critical in the Assistant position. Identifying challenges and being strategic about implementing solutions are part of being a problem solver.

Communication Skills

Communication is one of the most critical abilities in everyday life. To be a good Assistant, you’ll need a variety of communication abilities. Regular communication with CEOs, workers, clients, and others is typical of the role. An Assistant must concentrate on three areas of communication: visual, vocal, and verbal. To avoid miscommunication and communicate a powerful and professional image and message, ensure each of these V’s are aligned.

Interpersonal Skills

Communication and interpersonal skills are linked. Following the three V’s, an Assistant should hone their interpersonal skills to establish rapport and relationships with their executives and colleagues. Empathy, active listening, flexibility, motivation, and dependability are examples of interpersonal skills. All of these qualities are essential for an Assistant.

How to Improve Your Skills as an Assistant?

As an Assistant, you can improve your talents in various ways. Practically Perfect PA’s team continually assesses the course content to provide you with innovative, dynamic, and industry-leading training courses. Our course list can be found here.

The Effective Calendar Management course, which costs £150 | €180 | $190, is our most recent programme. The course is an online learning programme for Assistants. The course will equip you with the skills you’ll need to master every area of scheduling and managing your Executive’s schedule.

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