How to improve your Assistant salary

As an Executive, Personal, or Administrative Assistant, you significantly impact the operations of your orgainsation every day. You are expected to maintain multiple schedules and keep track of tasks that need attention, all while efficiently managing projects and handling unexpected issues as they arise.

However, despite the immense value you bring to the organisation, it can get tricky when it comes time for salary negotiations. If you’re looking to move up from where you’re at now – or secure a raise after years of dedication – there are some things you should do to increase your earning potential. In this article, we’ll cover how making certain career-related investments will position you for higher salaries and explore some examples of how to improve your Assistant salary.

Reflect on your behaviour – what can you change?

It is essential to reflect on your behaviour and make changes to enable yourself to improve your Assistant salary. Here are a few suggestions:

Ask for what you want

The first and foremost tip on how to improve your Assistant salary is simple yet powerful – if you don’t ask, you don’t get.

Many Assistants, like myself, may have been brought up with the notion that they should wait to be asked or that their hard work will be noticed eventually. However, this passive approach may not always yield the desired results. Being vocal about one’s development and career goals is crucial. Put your hand up for work and communicate with your Executive about expectations and aspirations.

It’s important to remember that your Executive may not always know what you want or expect from your career development. Thus, it is essential to proactively communicate your goals and aspirations to align them with your Executive’s expectations. This may require stepping out of your comfort zone and initiating conversations about your career growth. By asking for what you want and communicating your career goals, you increase the likelihood of receiving the recognition and opportunities you deserve.

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Be proactive and share your achievements

Being proactive is a crucial trait of successful professionals, and it can significantly improve your Assistant salary. As Assistants, adopting a “show and tell” attitude is essential, just like children in a classroom. While it is easy to get caught up in day-to-day tasks and focus on getting the job done, it is equally important to share your accomplishments with your Executive, who needs to know what you are doing.

In my experience, I realised that my Executive was not fully aware of my contributions because I didn’t communicate them effectively. I started sending my Executive weekly emails summarising my achievements and the value I brought to the role. Initially, there was little response, but over time, my Executive began to take notice and involved me in more projects. The regular communication helped her understand my capabilities and made a significant difference.

Moreover, documenting your achievements in writing can be beneficial during performance reviews. A record of your accomplishments can help you articulate your contributions and demonstrate your value to the organisation. Remember, good work doesn’t always speak for itself, so it is essential to proactively share and highlight your achievements.

Take ownership of your career development

Another critical aspect of gaining reward and recognition at work is taking ownership of your career development. It is crucial to actively seek opportunities for learning and growth and demonstrate a willingness to take on new challenges. This may involve volunteering for projects, seeking feedback from supervisors, and continuously upgrading your skills and knowledge.

Networking and building relationships with colleagues and mentors can also contribute to your career development. Engage in professional development opportunities, connect with experienced professionals in the Assistant industry, and seek guidance and mentorship. By taking ownership of your career development and continuously striving for improvement, you show initiative and dedication, which can lead to increased recognition and salary.

As an Assistant, you have various tools at your disposal to increase your earning potential. From building relationships with key decision-makers to continuing your education and investing in yourself, there is no shortage of steps you can take toward higher salaries.

Now more than ever, Assistants are expected to perform complex tasks and provide valuable assistance. With the help of dedicated resources like the Unrivalled Assistant Online Course, you can leverage the skills acquired in your formal work experience and sharpen any areas that require further development. Make sure that you invest in yourself early so that when it’s time for salary negotiations, you can confidently demonstrate the value you bring to a company. Salary negotiations can be daunting, but you can feel confident with the proper preparation and strategy. If you want to move up from where you’re at now – or secure a raise after years of dedication – consider enrolment on the Unrivalled Assistant online course today.