How to Build Confidence in the Workplace

Confidence is something we must build, grow and develop over time. It doesn’t come naturally to most of us, and thoughts of self-doubt creep in, stopping us from becoming the best version of ourselves.

We’ve devised three hacks and techniques to learn how to gain confidence or appear confident till you do.

Three ways to boost confidence at work

What you will learn:

  • What is the virtuous circle of confidence, and how to start
  • Confident body language
  • Why you should stop comparing yourself to others
  • Developing a growth mindset


Hack 1: Change your body language

Those uncomfortable or shy will often strive to take up as little space as possible, making them appear closed off. On the other hand, a confident individual will stand tall, shoulders open, and make eye contact. People will treat you as a confident person if you radiate confidence through your body language, which will have a knock-on impact on your confidence, creating a virtuous loop of confidence-building.

Try opening your body language at work; you will immediately notice and feel the difference.

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Hack 2: Stop comparing yourself to others

Theodore Roosevelt once said, “comparison is the thief of joy”.

It’s simple to compare yourself to others and instil negative thoughts and feelings, which takes away satisfaction from one’s own life. The issue with this is that it can hinder your personal growth and development and motivation will start to decrease. It’s human nature to want to improve and do better, yet comparison undermines your self-assurance. The only comparison you need to make is with yourself; ask yourself how you can improve on a regular basis. How can I improve by 1% from the day before? These incremental changes will become substantial in the long run.

Hack 3: Continuous learning

Learning is a constant process. Those that make the effort to learn and improve their skills will become more adaptive, communicative, and versatile. It will boost your confidence in a variety of ways; developing and progressing will not only assist your professional life but will also make you feel accomplished.

We frequently switch back and forth between the fixed and growth mindsets. Regardless of where we land on the spectrum, we all have the ability to shift into a development mentality. Training your mind to adopt a growth mindset can transform your life.

We have lots of resources on our website which will help you develop a growth mindset.

Start telling yourself that you can do it: have that difficult conversation at work, speak up in meetings, excerpt your ideas, no one is judging you!

To summarise, confidence is a skill that must be learned, developed, and maintained throughout our professional and personal life.

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