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Outstanding Assistants are indespensible in their roles. Their mindset is such that they quickly rise to the top of their organisation and support the growth of the business.

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Being a successful Executive Assistant starts with mindset. Here at Practically Perfect PA, we know how important it is to arrive at work with the right mindset. Assistants have to be ready to hit the ground running, every… single… day!

Often Assistants work with demanding Executives and senior members of staff, which means Assistants require a set of skills and characteristics to cope in high-pressured environments.

Assistants often work solely with their Executives and don’t feel part of a team, which can be isolating.

If the Assistant is part of a team, often their colleagues don’t understand the value the Assistant brings to the organisation, they don’t understand the role, or they try to undermine the Assistant by bypassing them entirely so that they can gain access to the Executive.

It can be incredibly frustrating for Assistants to navigate these challenges while also dealing with the usual office politics and cultural differences.

This page exists to support Assistants develop a mindset that can cope with the challenges in the role and learn how to be a successful Executive Assistant. There is a lot of ground to cover! We’ll traverse these topics across our in-depth guides, events, online courses, articles, and more.

On this page you will find:

  • A step-by-step guide on how Assistants can build and maintain essential relationships with their colleagues.

  • The skills needed for Assistants to work on projects, create amazing office cultures and be taken seriously in the role.

  • Our best free articles, tutorials and videos on how Assistants can set boundaries with their colleagues, create networks and be part of the Executive Team.

  • Our online course that will help Assistants create the right mindset to thrive in the role and learn how to be a successful Executive Assistant.


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How To Be A Successful Executive Assistant

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Our essential guide on how Assistants can building influence in the role.

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How To Be A Successful Executive Assistant

Building Influence in the Assistant role

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Whether you are at the start of your career or want to refresh your training, our essential courses are a fantastic way to learn all those essential skills you need to thrive in the EA, PA and Admin role. Learn how to be a successful Executive Assistant and work as an effective Executive Assistant to the CEO

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How To Be A Successful Executive Assistant

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