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PPPA Guide to Building influence in the Assistant role

This guide is designed to help Assistants progress in the career, build influence and manage the relationship with their colleagues.

GUIDE: Preparing for a new Personal or Executive Assistant Job


Here are the topics we are going to cover.

Chapter one: Working with people
Building influence comes when you learn how to work with people, get the most out of their character and understand their behaviours. In chapter one, we will cover the steps Assistants need to take to start to build their influence.

Whether or not you play along with office politics or you run a mile. It is important for Assistants to understand and navigate politics in the office.

Improve your performance at work by understanding the personality types around you and how you can collaborate effectively with those you work with.

Communication is an essential skill for Assistants to master, particularly when it comes to building your influence. In this chapter we will cover the commuication skills you need to influence those around you.

Working collaboratively with other Assistants in your organisation will help build your influence, especially if you work together as a team and share your knowledge and successes.

Creating an internal Assistant network will increase the influence of Assistants across your entrie Organisation. In this chapter, we will cover where to start when creating internal network for Assistants, how to cope with the challenges of organising a network.

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Chapter One

GUIDE: Preparing for a new Personal or Executive Assistant Job

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