Enhancing your communication skills as an Assistant: The power of visibility

As an Assistant, you play a vital role in supporting Executives and leaders within your organisation. However, it’s crucial to excel behind the scenes, establish your presence, and make your skills known.

In today’s fast-paced and virtual work environment, enhancing your communication skills and increasing your visibility is more critical than ever. In a recent Practically Perfect PA Virtual Summit, The Impact Guru, Esther Stanhope, shared four key takeaways to help Assistants improve their communication skills and stand out.

Be more visible

While you may excel in your technical abilities, making your presence felt is equally essential. Look for opportunities to showcase your expertise by speaking at events, chairing meetings, or taking on spokesperson roles. By actively participating and owning your space, you demonstrate your value and build a solid professional reputation within your department and organisation.

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Embrace virtual platforms

With the rise of virtual work and online events, there are ample opportunities for Assistants to improve their communication skills. Embrace these virtual platforms by participating in online conferences, webinars, and networking events. Practice speaking on camera, familiarise yourself with basic broadcasting skills, and ensure you present yourself effectively. Pay attention to details such as maintaining eye contact with the camera lens, smiling, and optimising lighting and sound quality. These minor adjustments can significantly impact how you come across to others in virtual settings.

Share your knowledge

Don’t hesitate to share your expertise and insights with others. Utilise professional platforms like LinkedIn to post articles, engage in discussions and share relevant content. You establish yourself as a thought leader by actively contributing and demonstrating your industry knowledge. Sharing your expertise increases your visibility within your organisation and positions you as a valuable resource for colleagues, clients, and industry peers.

Practice regularly

Improving your communication skills requires regular practice. Seek opportunities to speak in various settings, whether within your team, at company events, or through extracurricular activities. The more you practice, the more comfortable and confident you’ll become in expressing your ideas and articulating your thoughts. Additionally, actively seek feedback from colleagues, mentors, or professional coaches to refine your communication style and continuously improve.

As an Assistant, your communication skills are crucial to your professional toolkit. By prioritising visibility, embracing virtual platforms, sharing your knowledge, and practising regularly, you can enhance your communication abilities and stand out in your role. By taking these steps, you position yourself for career growth, gain recognition for your expertise, and inspire others, especially younger professionals, to follow in your footsteps. Remember, your voice matters, and by owning your space and improving your communication skills, you can make a significant impact as an Assistant and beyond.