5 ways to improve your Assistant leadership skills

As an Assistant professional, you have a unique set of skills and the potential to be a leader in the workplace. However, it can often feel like too many obstacles prevent us from seizing our leadership opportunities.

We are here to tell you that unlocking your inner abilities as an Assistant leader is possible. With this guide on 5 ways to improve your Assistant leadership skills, we know you can navigate any workplace challenge confidently!

Discover five simple and practical ways you can increase your Assistant leadership capabilities

With these powerful techniques, let’s dive into what it takes for Assistants to become influential leaders within their organisations and take charge of their impact.

Always keep learning

We see this all the time in great leaders – they are still curious. You should always keep learning as much as you can about the business, the people around you and your strengths and weaknesses.

Take the initiative when it comes to your learning, put yourself forward for work that will challenge you, look at the areas you can improve, and then take some training or read some self-improvement books. We discuss this in-depth inside The EA Campus online community.

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Take action

This is something that leaders have to do.

They have to take the initiative, make things happen and take responsibility for driving the business forward. Even if you are not in a management role, you can act like a leader and take action. Make decisions that are in the best interest of your business and put yourself forward for work that will get you noticed (sometimes that means taking on tasks that nobody else wants to do.)

Ask for feedback

During your one-to-one meetings with your Executive (that are about your personal development), you should ask for input on the skills that make you a leader, such as taking the initiative, understanding the way the business works, motivating others, taking responsibility for your work and the success of the business.

There are many leadership skills that you can acquire, and it would be good to get feedback on what areas you can improve. If you work with teams or project groups, you should also ask for feedback after finishing the project.

Have those difficult conversations

Difficult conversations are always hard to have, but when you think about it often, something positive comes out when you have these difficult conversations.

Real leaders can initiate these types of discussions and structure them to make them worthwhile.

Understand your strengths and weaknesses

Having self-awareness is an excellent strength for Assistants to have in general, but for leaders being aware of their strengths and weakness is essential.

If you can, complete a survey like Insights Discovery or Myers Briggs to see where your strengths and weaknesses lie as a leader, and then you will have a good understanding of the areas you can work on.

Though the journey towards leadership can be intimidating, we believe in the potential of Assistants everywhere and know that with just a few steps, you can all make an impact. The five strategies outlined are an excellent starting point to help you thrive in any professional environment, so take them and run with them!

You have all of the capabilities necessary; it’s up to you to unlock and hone those skills as an Assistant leader. Ready for more? Take it further by enrolling in our Strategic Business Partner Online Course. A place where experts in the field show you how to reach the skills of a modern Executive and Personal Assistance leader, from how to communicate effectively with key stakeholders and departments to assisting with performance reviews and projects. With our support, you will be prepared for any challenge that comes your way and be ready to make powerful waves.