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The Virtual Summit took place on Friday 20th October 2017 with over 500 Assistants taking part from all over the world. You can still access the recording of the Virual Summit until Friday 25th November 2017. Our next Summit will take place on Friday 20th April 2018. Details to follow soon.

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So, the first ever PPPA Virtual Summit happened!

So, the first ever PPPA Virtual Summit happened! Last Friday we hosted the first ever online conference for Assistants around the world and I’ve got to say… It was, without doubt, the most utterly terrifying thing I have ever! We had just over 500 assistants book on to the Virtual Summit, which is just unbelievable and […]

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The Virtual Summit is this Friday

I can’t quite believe it, but the Practically Perfect PA Virtual Summit is taking place this Friday 20th October 2017. The whole event is online and can be viewed wherever you are in the world. You can download the full Virtual Summit Programme here. With over 20 sessions across the day, this event is not to be […]

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Think You're An Honest Person? Think Again!

I’ve been doing this personal branding thing for a long time now. For nine years I’ve been digging into people’s brains to find out what makes them tick and therefore what’s important to their brand. When I come to the bit regarding people’s values and what it is that sets their moral compass (a very […]

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