5 online courses every Executive Assistant should take

I took my first online training course for Executive Assistants about 15 years ago. It was a live webinar where I had to listen to the speaker via the phone on my desk while watching the slideshow on my computer screen.

It was an exciting experience, and many of my colleagues gathered around to watch, as it was their first exposure to a live webinar. While it was convenient and informative, the technology back then wasn’t as engaging as today.

Fast forward to today, and the landscape of online training for Executive and Personal Assistants has transformed dramatically.

The role of an Assistant is multifaceted, and continuous learning is crucial to stay ahead. Whether you’re looking to hone practical skills, delve into the competencies behind being a PA/EA, or understand how technological advances can aid you, there’s a course tailored for you.

Investing time in these courses can enhance skills, flexibility, and overall career satisfaction. So, why wait? Take charge of your personal growth today! For more educational resources, including webinars and guides, explore the offerings at Practically Perfect PA.

FREE Accelerate your Job Search Online Course

Our free step-by-step course will help you prepare for a new job search, take control, and minimise the time it takes to land a role that works for you.

accelerate your assistant job search online course
  • 5 in-depth modules

  • Workbooks, Copy-and-paste swipe files, checklists, resources & templates

  • Video-based lectures with world-leading tutors

  • Certificate delivered on completion of the course

Assistant Essentials

If you are a new Assistant looking to improve your skill set, Practically Perfect PA has a fantastic online course covering all the skills required to be a fantastic Assistant. To be seen as a business asset and not “just” an Assistant is crucial for any Assistant looking to advance their career.  Training for new Personal and Executive Assistants is essential and worth investing in advancing your career.

Key Skills Training for Assistants

We cover vital skills training for Assistants in our Productivity and Time Management course, full of fantastic sessions on everything Assistants need to manage their to-do lists.

In the meantime, The Effective Calendar Management Online Course will help you master the art of managing schedules, ensuring no appointments or tasks are missed.

The Effective Meetings Management Online Course ensures Assistants learn to organise and manage meetings seamlessly, ensuring they are productive and efficient.

The Effective Email Management Online Course details techniques to handle email communication effectively, ensuring clarity and prompt responses.

Project management is a valuable tool for Assistants, and it is well worth taking a course so that you understand the basics and pick up a few practical project management skills along the way.

Key Strengths and Characteristics for Assistants

As a former Executive Assistant, I know how important it is to arrive at work with the right mindset. We must be ready to hit the ground running every….single….day!

We must handle difficult conversations (and people) on their schedules rather than ours. We have to know how and when to manage up, and we need to know who to contact at any moment to get things done.

We have to be sure and assured. We have to be confident and creative. We must be someone who others feel happy to confide in. We have to show initiative, and we have to be innovative.

To cope with the demands of the role, we must have the right mindset.

The Assistant Mindset Online Course teaches Assistants the key strengths and characteristics needed to develop the right mindset to be one step ahead of the challenges in the role.

Assistants also need to have strong technology skills. In the Digital Assistant Bootcamp, learn to embrace the digital age and how technology can be leveraged to enhance your capabilities.

Business strategy for Assistants

We often talk about the need for Assistants to have good business acumen. Knowing the business that you work in is essential. These five online courses every Executive Assistant should take all help Assistants build their business strategy. We also have free resources for Assistants that will develop your business acumen.

A general knowledge of good business practices is a great place to start. We have a lot of advice for Assistants who want to improve their business strategy in our FREE guide for Assistants who wish to move into a strategic business partnership with their Executive.

The Strategic Business Partner Online Course dives into the intricacies of aligning with business goals and becoming an indispensable strategic partner.

If you want to understand the dynamics of working closely with Executives and ensuring a harmonious relationship, we also recommend the Managing Up and Working in Sync with Your Executive Online Course.

We also have an in-depth presentation from our Founder, Nicky Christmas, on improving your business acumen on a shoestring budget, which you can watch for free.

The most comprehensive online training for Assistants

Our brilliant online course, The Unrivalled Assistant, was built with your success in mind. The most comprehensive online course for Executive and Personal Assistants. Master the essential skills needed in the role, create the right mindset to thrive and build your time management and productivity toolkit.

Assistants have one of the most challenging and dynamic roles in business. We have to support extremely busy Executives while managing our to-do lists, working on projects, and proactively and strategically planning.

Assistants appear in many guises in every conceivable organisation and are the lynchpin of any business. We all know this is true.

We decided to place three of our most popular courses together, PLUS exclusive content that will help guide and mitigate Assistants through some common mistakes that can occur in the role.

By covering an Assistant’s mindset, a guide to mastering the essential tasks, and adding some tips and techniques to supercharge your approach in one course, we hope you will learn everything you need to be an unrivalled Assistant.

Having the tools and training to succeed as an Executive or Personal Assistant is essential in an ever-changing, competitive workplace. With the selection of online courses available nowadays, Assistants have more opportunities than ever before to acquire knowledge that could open new doors of opportunity for them.

Whether you’re looking to enhance your skillset with practical tasks, learn deeper into the competencies behind being a PA/EA, or understand how technological advances can help you excel in your job, these five online courses I listed offer all aspects of the learning needed to get ahead.

Investing just a bit of time into these courses can lead to greater flexibility and career satisfaction overall. So why wait? Unleash your inner professional and take charge of your personal growth today! If you want to explore more educational options, look at Practically Perfect PA for everything from webinars and guides to our extensive list of online courses.