You and Your Executive

PPPA Guide to Building a Strategic Business Partnership with your Executive

How to elevate the Assistant role into a strategic business partner working alongside your Executive.

How to build a strategic partnership with your Executive

The relationship that Assistants have with their Executive is fundamental to their success in the role. It is the key relationship for Assistants and the one part of the role that Assistants have to get right. Without a successful partnership, the work becomes that much tougher.

This guide is designed to explicitly teach Assistants, step by step, how to create a strong partnership with their Executive. We will look at the techniques and strategies Assistants can employ to build the collaboration so that they are used effectively and are seen as real strategic business partners.

Over the last ten years, I’ve followed how the Assistant industry has changed and how Assistants must elevate themselves.

In this guide, we will cover one efficient idea that has been part of the changing nature of the Assistant role, and that is the Assistants as a ‘strategic business partner’. Or in other words, aligning your Assistant skills with the strategic growth of the business and the strategic objectives of the Executive.

You will all be at different points along the road to being a strategic business partner.

Unfortunately, there is no road map for this because the Assistant career path is so varied, and we all have such different experiences in the role, that change from job to job and company to company. As a result, a lot of this work you will have to do on your own, with the support of your Executive. But.

You’ve got to do it!

To ensure that you future proof your Assistant career and that you are not left behind, this level of interaction within your business is imperative.

It is as vital as it was 30 years ago to know how to use computers and new technology. If you only work on administrative tasks and do not work strategically, your role will be replaced by AI and automation.

Also, it’s worth noting that the strategic work is where the reward and recognition lives. This is how you get yourself noticed and develop your Assistant career.

Here’s a quick preview of what you will find in this guide:

Chapter One: How to start building a strategic partnership between an Assistant and an Executive
In this chapter, we cover the foundations you need to move from an Assistant into a more strategic role. We look at the skills, competencies and characteristics required to work as a strategic business partner. Let’s bust some misconceptions business has about the Assistant role and get you started on the right track to a strategic business partner.

Chapter Two: Working with your Executive
To form a strong working relationship with an Executive, Assistants need buy-in and support from their boss. In this chapter, we take a deep dive into the working relationship and the strategies Assistants need to employ to make the relationship work. We cover communication, building respect and working with the inner circle and staying in the loop.

Chapter Three: Strategic thinking, proactivity and adding value as an Assistant
To work successfully as a strategic business partner, Assistants have to increase their overall understanding of the business, take the initiative and be proactive. Of course, this is easier said than done! We share our top tips on how you can build your strategic thinking while staying on top of your day-to-day tasks. This chapter is packed full of advice on creating a role that adds value and dramatically grows your reputation and career.

Chapter Four: The mindset of a successful strategic business partner
We share everything we have learned from successful strategic business partners over the last ten years of running Practically Perfect PA. This chapter will focus on case studies, and real practical tips on how Assistants can create the mindset need to succeed as a top-level, c-suite Executive Assistant.

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