The Importance of Executive Presence for Assistants

I’m sure you’ve all heard the term “executive presence” right? It has gained significant traction over the last few years. But what does it actually mean, especially for Assistants? And why is it so crucial for your roles? In this article, we discuss the importance of executive presence for Assistants.

Understanding Executive presence

In a nutshell, Executive presence is an amalgamation of various attributes and behaviours that enable an individual to inspire confidence in those around them.

It’s not just about how you look, although that is an important element, but also about how you act, speak and present yourself.

For Assistants, this is paramount.

You often lead without the traditional title of authority, relying heavily on your influential leadership skills to make things happen.

Imagine a leader with confidence, charisma, sophistication, poise, and reliability. They command a room effortlessly and communicate their ideas with clarity and conviction. I hope you can all think of someone you’ve worked with who has those characteristics. That’s executive presence in action.


Why is Executive presence vital for Assistants?

  1. Assistants with strong executive presence are more likely to be involved in significant projects and decision-making processes. They add value to the organisation by instilling confidence in their abilities.
  2. Executive presence is often the missing link for those who have the technical skills but lack the ability to influence and lead. It’s essential for those eyeing leadership roles and promotions.
  3. A strong executive presence ensures that an Assistant’s voice is heard and their opinions are considered in crucial decision-making processes.
Meeting Agenda for Assistants and Executives

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Cultivating Executive Presence

Building executive presence isn’t an overnight task. It requires consistent effort, self-awareness, and a commitment to personal growth. Here are some ways to cultivate it:

  • Confidence: Step out of your comfort zone and take action. Every success will boost your confidence further.
  • Effective Communication: Speak clearly, articulate your thoughts, and ensure you’re heard in meetings and discussions.
  • Connect: Build rapport with colleagues and your Executive. Understand their interests and engage in meaningful conversations.
  • Emotional Intelligence: Manage your emotions and reactions, especially under pressure. Staying calm and composed, even in challenging situations.
  • Online Presence: A strong online presence, especially on professional platforms like LinkedIn, can amplify your executive presence.

For Assistants, executive presence is so much more than just a buzzword. It’s a crucial skill set that can set you apart, ensuring you’re seen as support staff and strategic partners to your Executives.

By understanding its importance and actively enhancing your executive presence, you can ensure you’re not just in the room but also seated at the table, making a difference.

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