Tips and Techniques for Assistants – Amanda Johnson

Our Tips and Techniques for Assistants video series focus on seasoned Assistant’s advice for success in the role. Each Assistant has a tremendous amount of knowledge to share with you, and we are proud to introduce their videos to you each week. You can find all of the tips and tricks on the Practically Perfect PA YouTube Channel. Tips and Techniques for Assistants – Amanda Johnson.

Our next Assistant sharing her incredible knowledge is Amanda Johnson. Amanda, is a military veteran of 23 years, wife to Andrew, mum to James and Jacob; she launched her own VA business back in 2012, in 2014, she bought the business she trained with and for a number of years ran her VA doing business alongside the training business – but eventually realised she did need to get some sleep so sold her doing business and now coaches, trains and mentors Virtual Assistants. Amanda Johnson and VACT Limited have been named as the “The Best VA Training Provider” for the past 3 years.

Tips and Techniques for Assistants – Amanda Johnson

Tip number 1

Set your VA business up as a proper business, even if it’s a side hustle. So ensure you have legals in place, contracts, data protection registration, domain specific email address etc.

Tip number 2

Know your core values, live your life by them and run your business with them at the core.

Tip number 3

Know and charge your worth.

Tip number 4

Focus on the outputs, moving forwards and not on perfection.

Tip number 5

Build relationships – senior / junior / peers – those you meet. Remember people do business with people (or human to human) so ensure you are human in your business.

Tip number 6

Treat your VA business as if you were your own client. Spend time every day as the CEO of the business. Even as a singleton in business – you still have the relevant departments of a normal business – ensure you focus on each of those key areas.

Tip number 7

Market your business daily. Just because you have a website or a social media profile, does not mean the clients will come and so it’s about marketing and being visible daily. I am also reverting back to a lot of traditional ways of marketing, so think about what will stand you apart from others. A hand written note or letter in the post will be more memorable than a tweet or a tag on a social media post!

Tip number 8

Always be learning and embrace technology. Although I want you to be open to change and learning new stuff – its more about how you make time for this. It links back into Tip 6 – taking your own business seriously. You need to stay ahead of the curve for both you and your clients.

Tip number 9

Work with a Coach or a Mentor, someone that will allow you to brainstorm brilliance, to bounce ideas off, to be accountable and to receive support and guidance

Tip number 10:

Be You and Be Awesome.

Knowing your unique selling proposition (so not the features of working with you but the benefits of you)

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