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Building influence in the Assistant role

This guide is designed to help Assistants progress in their careers, build influence and manage their relationships with their colleagues.

Wherever you are in your Assistant career, influencing skills are vital to be successful in the role. Moving people forward, getting colleagues to listen to your thoughts and ideas, being taken seriously and seen – influence is needed in all of these scenarios.

What is influence, and why is it a must-have for Assistants? In the workplace, Assistants have to be persuasive. Assistants don’t necessarily have the authority or job title to tell people what to do. But they often have to get people to do what they ask. So, that requires the ability to be persuasive and hold a level of influence. Many Assistants struggle with this concept. They often work hard to be heard in meetings and have their opinions and thoughts considered.

I don’t know how often in my career I have suggested something in a meeting without any action taken, for it to be recommended by someone else a short while later and the idea acted upon.

It is frustrating, but you can change that behaviour if you have the drive to do so. In this guide, we are going to cover a lot of ground. This guide – Building Influence in the Assistant role- is segmented into five chapters covering different areas of influence and how Assistants can develop their persuasion skills to be seen and heard in all aspects of their role. Here are the topics we are going to cover.

Chapter one: Working with people

Building influence comes when you learn how to work with people, get the most out of their character and understand their behaviours. Chapter one will cover the steps Assistants must take to build their influence. Uncover the secrets of working harmoniously with diverse personalities and mastering interpersonal dynamics.

Chapter two: Navigating office politics for Assistants

Embrace the game or steer clear of it. Assistants must skillfully manoeuvre through the fascinating world of office politics. Dive in and discover how to flourish in the ever-evolving landscape of working with our colleagues and creating impact in the Assistant role.

Chapter three: Understanding personality types at work

Unlock your true potential at work by deciphering the various personality types you’re surrounded by, and learn the art of seamless and effective collaboration with your colleagues and Executives.

Chapter four: Communicating your influence

Dive into Chapter Four, where we explore the art of communicating your influence. As an Assistant, mastering this essential skill is the key to unlocking career progression. In cultivating meaningful connections and communicating the value you bring as an Assistant you will flourish in the role.

Chapter five: Working collaboratively with other Assistants and building your network

Chapter five explores the power of joining forces with fellow Assistants in your organisation. By working together, sharing valuable insights, and celebrating each other’s achievements, you’ll expand your network and amplify your influence. Experience the magic of collective wisdom and the benefits of teamwork in the Assistant role.

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