Tips and Techniques for Assistants – Trish Stadler

We are so excited to launch our new series of videos for Practically Perfect PA readers. The series will focus on seasoned Assistant’s top ten tips and techniques for success in the role. Each Assistant has a tremendous amount of knowledge to share with you, and we can’t wait to introduce their tips and techniques each week.

We are so pleased to be kicking the series off with an exceptional Assistant. Trish Stadler is the Owner & Principal at Withers & Mane Coaching. She is a seasoned administrative professional in multiple industries, including the television industry and technology. She is a sought after mentor and coach, who loves what she does. She loves to pass on her experience as the role of the Executive Assistant evolves and becomes more significant to the Executives of today.

Tips and Techniques for Assistants – Trish Stadler

Tip Number one

Say hello with a smile to everyone! This means more than you know and not doing it, means more than you would imagine.

Tip number two

Be kind to your IT department…they are the ones that run the company.

Tip number three

From day one, establish a rapport with your Executive – set the tone. This is critical and will be very significant to how you are leading the relationship. The relationship can always be reset if the opportunity was missed on day one, but we have to create that comfortability. It is not on their to-do list, but put it at the top of yours!

Tip number four

If HR or your boss do not plan to send an email out to alert the staff of your arrival

  1. suggest they do
  2. if this is not their desire, compose an email and send it out to introduce yourself.

Tip number five

Invite other Assistants to lunch – one on one or with a group. Collaborate with other Assistants in your organisation. Suggest a monthly lunch among the admin team to exchange idea.

Tip number six

For ease of working at your desk, one of the first things I ask for (and always get) is a dual monitor set up – laptop on a docking station and two monitors for ease of scheduling and reading emails (multi-tasking!). It also makes you feel like you are at command central.

Tip number seven

If a colleague or a vendor goes above and beyond the call of duty or get you out of a bind, reward, reward, reward! In other words, send a note of thanks, flowers or a coffee gift card. Always send a token of appreciation.

Tip number eight

Always, always be professional, it’s easy to get sucked into the water cooler talk. Don’t! You will be respected for your ability to stay out of the office drama.

Tip number nine

It’s good to write down your tasks or throw them on a Trello board or whatever. I find placing my tasks on the calendar is a better way to track and schedule tasks. At the end of the day, the tasks I have not gotten to I move to the next day. I don’t need another platform to work from, and since I am always in the calendar, this task management system works for me. The calendar note section allows for making notes and comments as well.

Tip number ten

If you don’t know the answer say ‘I don’t know, but I will find out’. Also, honestly is always, always the best policy, if you screwed up, fess up. It’s genuinely the easier, softer way and usually admired in the end. Be an example.