Thinking about taking your events online?

We know that many Assistants are heavily involved in organising events. And right now it is likely that some of you will be facing a headache around the decision to take your events online.

The impact of the continuing COVID-19 outbreak may mean that you have to look at your upcoming events in a very different light.

It may be that your shareholders are unable to attend the AGM, or perhaps the company has decided that now is not the time to get your international board together? Or what about the global sales conference?

It may be affecting your smaller meetings too.

So how do you make the jump to running a digital/online event, or streaming part of your live event?

To help out, we decided to pick the brain of our CEO and long time events “guru” William.

I asked him: “if any assistant is now facing the challenge of taking an event online, what should be their first step.”

“If the decision has been made to take that event into the digital world, most people start by looking for the right platform.

So, the first thing they should do is to quickly decide the best option for them in terms of broadcasting the content and trying to add the other elements that you get at a typical event. The problem is that there is such a variety of platforms that it can seem overwhelming.

So, the best way to start is to narrow down things to the type of platform you should look for.

You have to think about four things:

  • How complicated is your event?
  • How much time do you have until the event happens?
  • What do you need the platform to do?
  • How much budget do you have?

Once you have an idea of these fours answers, then you are ready to look at options.

To help any Assistant who has to think about taking their event online, we have created a short (9mins video).

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This will help any Assistant to decide what type of platform they should look for quickly.”

I suggest that you watch the support video if you are even thinking about running any online events or meetings.

As well as looking at the options Willam has inserted some links to platforms that should be your first port of call.

We hope this helps any Assistant who is battling to take events online.

As many of you will know we’ve been running online events for a few years and William is more than happy to speak to any of our community who need some extra help.

Here are the links to those platforms that William recommends you have a look at:

Option one is Youtube LIVE and Facebook LIVE

Option two: Take a look at Glisser

Option three: Is CrowdCast our absolute GO-TO for simple stream online events

Option four: Check out HeySummit and Hopin

Option five: Is Ivent (if you do visit them, please make sure and mention that you found out about them via Gallus Events)

And two ****Bonus**** bits of software that will revolutionise your online/virtual / live-streamed events


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