Learn from the best at the Future Assistant European Summit masterclasses

We have six spectacular masterclasses as part of the Future Assistant European Summit.

We are bringing truly world-class presenters to our masterclass stage. We will have three 75-minute masterclasses each day.

Our trainers are here to inspire, to question and to ignite debate and discussion around the most pressing issues Assistants face in the role.

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What are the benefits of attending a masterclass?

We have six masterclasses across the two-day Summit. Our masterclasses are included in your ticket price.
Each 75-minute masterclass is presented by influential and inspiring leader from the Assistant industry or the business world.
Learn strategies, tools and techniques that will elevate your Assistant career and keep you one step ahead of your peers.

Wednesday 6th May
Elevating your role as a strategic business partner

In our first series of masterclasses we will cover everything Assistants need to truly elevate their role to that of a strategic business partner.
Our three incredible speakers will share the tools, strategies, mindset and business understanding Assistants need to offer the strategic support their Executives and add real value to their organisations.

Amanda Vinci
CEO The EA Institute

Building your Strategic Partnership
Wednesday 6th May, 1200 – 1315

For many organisations the role of a ‘strategic business partner’ will be a new one and it is very likely that the onus will be on the Assistant to craft this role for themselves.

The key to building the strategic business partner role is in identifying your Executive’s pain points and aligning them to the areas where you already display strong skills and add value.

In this interactive masterclass, Amanda will discuss how she overcame the challenges of creating, crafting and moving into a strategic partner role. The masterclass will include:

→ How to move away from “tick box” administrative tasks

→ How to go about ‘deflecting and delegating’ some of your current tasks

→ The role of technology in helping you transition

→ The power and importance of the job description

→ The importance of taking on the ‘right’ tasks

→ The meaning and importance of a true partnership

→ Finding a leader who will value you as a strategic business partner

Shirwyn Weber
EA and 2019 EA of the Year South Africa

How to Craft the Role of a Strategic Business Partner
Wednesday 6th May, 1015 – 1130

Creating a strategic partner role may be the easy part. For an Assistant to truly thrive as a strategic partner they must be seen to be adding significant value to the organisation. In this session Shirwyn will discuss his roadmap, as a way to demonstrate how you can find a place in the inner circle.
Hitch a ride with Shirwyn on his personal journey as he continued to develop his role as a strategic partner. Destinations on this career journey include:
→ The need to ask yourself one fundamental question: what do I want to get out of the process and this new relationship?
→ An introduction to the concept of leadership
→ Characteristics of today’s global business environment
→ The importance of being seen in the right context
→ How you can ensure that others see you as a strategic Assistant
→ Cementing relationships – moving into the inner circle
→ Cementing relationships – improving the relationship with you Executive

Nicky Christmas
Founder and Editor of Practically Perfect PA

Moving the Needle: Creating Impact as a Strategic Business Partner
Wednesday 6th May, 1415 – 1530

Modern day Assistants are smart, they work hard and they are productive. However, along with creating a strategic business partnership, Assistants also have to think about how they can create impact in their role and across their organisation.

How does what you do as an Assistant have meaningful impact on the business?

During this masterclass, Nicky will share her strategies on how Assistants can move the needle and achieve greater success across their organisations. Nicky will cover:

→ How to identify opportunities for growth 

→ Building your business acumen and awareness

→ Engaging stakeholders, strategic visibility and building your tribe 

→ Getting past fear and taking the lead 

→ Ensure you and your Executive are watching and moving the same needle

Following the masterclass our attendees will have the confidence and key strategies and tools in place to add value across the organisation and make strategic decisions.

Thursday 7th May
Developing your business excellence

Our second series of masterclasses will focus on the business skills Assistants need to elevate their career, add value in their role and be seen as leaders in their organisations.
Our three amazing speakers will shed light and truth on the reality of being a leader in business. You’ll be inspired by their stories and learn from their experiences.

Richard Newman
CEO BodyTalk UK

Personal Impact, Storytelling and the Assistant Mindset
Thursday 7th May, 1015 – 1115

At this session you will gain dynamic and persuasive storytelling skills, so that you can bring your ideas to life and boost your impact and influence.

Discover the simple foundation of great stories, with a system that you can apply to every meeting, document and email, making your ideas clear, persuasive and captivating.

In this interactive workshop you will here examples from business speakers and well known movies before you put everything into action, creating a structure for real business ideas, so that you feel confident to put this into practice back at work.

Richard Newman is a best-selling author and award-winning speechwriter. He has taught business communication for 20 years. His team works with some of the world’s best known companies all over the world, improving the way they work through the science of communication.

Antoinette Dale Henderson
Author, Speaker and Executive Coach

Leading with Gravitas and Unleashing your Potential
Thursday 7th May, 1200 – 1315

In today’s working environment, it’s not enough to rely on your experience to command respect or be noticed. What’s required, particularly as an Executive PA, is an ability to communicate effectively, build meaningful relationships and use influence to achieve goals.

You could be the best in your business, but if people don’t know who you are, you won’t deliver results or get the recognition you deserve.

Gravitas is a crucial skill for business success. In a competitive environment, people who know how to access their personal gravitas build stronger relationships, handle challenges more effectively and communicate with greater confidence and credibility.

This interactive masterclass, run by Antoinette Dale Henderson, author of Leading with Gravitas, will explore:

→ Why is gravitas relevant in today’s business environment?

→ What is gravitas? Including an overview of research from Antoinette’s book: Leading with Gravitas

Introduction to The Gravitas Wheel©, an evidence-based, diagnostic tool

Practical, interactive exploration regarding how managers can develop gravitas

Summary of take-aways and how to apply the learning

Amanda Vinci
CEO The EA Institute

Context is Leadership
Thursday 7th May, 1415 – 1530

Context is all important. Context helps you connect and create the right relationships. In this highly interactive session we will discuss how our view of the world, and our own very personal context, shapes our actions.

A deep understanding of context will help Assistants develop the right mindset for success.

During this brilliant 75 min session, attendees will:

→ Learn the framework behind our decision making process and how we ‘choose’ to interpret information

→ Discover why receiving and processing information in a specific way, affects you in your role as an Assistant

→ Learn why we function the way we do

→ Develop an understanding of the impact that context has on our worldview

→ Discover the importance of our own context, and how it determines who we are and how we act as leaders

→ Be supported to create a new worldview that will be more powerful and lead to better personal and professional results

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