Supercharge Your Productivity


We all know that Assistant’s have an incredibly demanding job. Often managing more than one Executive, perhaps having other people and working on different teams is challenging.

Too often the last person we think about is ourselves. How much better would we feel about our work and life if we could supercharge our productivity?

With this in mind Nicky Christmas, Editor and Founder of Practically Perfect PA has selected ten sessions that will help Assistants be super productive.

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Become the Assistant who can take on any task and be super-efficient. Stop fire fighting and stay one step ahead with this course packed full of ideas and tips to stay productive.

Ten sessions include:

  • Effective Communication
  • Work Smarter By Being More Assertive
  • How To Run Your Day
  • Building a Productivity Roadmap
  • How Can Assistants Super Charge Their Exec’s Productivity
  • Productivity Tools
  • Productivity Tips and Techniques
  • Managing Your time
  • How to Super Productive
  • Productivity Tips

Please note that some of the sessions included in this online course appear as part of other offerings on the PPPA website.