Get ready for an online “networking explosion” as we test drive one of the best online event networking platforms: Remo.

Two ticket types

  • EventProf – A guided tour of the platform for 30mins plus Q&A with Remo Founder and CEO Ho Yin Cheung
  • Access All Areas – All of the above PLUS more content and more time on the platform
Check out the whole platform as we stress test the “Producer” option of this excellent online events platform.
We will check out all of the latest features!
  • Join different tables
  • See the multi-floor options
  • See the “design your layout”
  • See the “broadcast to all feature”
  • Check out the timed speed networking
  • See all the real estate options for sponsors and exhibitors
ACCESS ALL AREAS TICKET – All of the above……..
PLUS Get to grips with producing online events Melissa Mosher, SavvySupport
PLUS Tackling online event sponsorship with William Thomson, Founder, Gallus Events
PLUS More networking