Exclusive Practically Perfect PA Channel


60 training sessions exclusively for Assistants



How would you like your organisation to have its very own Practically Perfect PA “Exclusive Channel” with access to over 60 amazing sessions, designed to empower, improve and enthuse your administrative and support staff?

Access is all online, on demand and unlimited for all of your staff. And the most amazing thing, all of this is available for only £1000 plus VAT.

How does it work? 

Well, that’s the simple part. We issue you with one password that can be used by any of your staff. They can access over 30 hrs of amazing sessions for a full twelve months, on demand, whenever and wherever they wish. It is the ultimate training tool!


Exclusive channel holders can claim 10% discounted attendance for our Future Assistant Conference in London as well as a whopping 30% discount for our group and enterprise tickets for our upcoming events.

To access almost 60 sessions across 30 hours for ALL of your administrative and support staff.

It may well be the most effective training investment you have ever made. Here is a list of the amazing sessions!

  1. Managing Up
  2. Dealing With Multiple Execs
  3. Project Management
  4. Productivity Tips
  5. A fantastic process to manage EVERY event
  6. How to increase your business acumen
  7. How assistants become leaders
  8. How to get into the inner circle
  9. Dealing with multiple executives
  10. Managing your bosses schedule like a megastar!
  11. Managing your own time
  12. Become a business-critical assistant
  13. Personal Branding
  14. What are the traits of a high-flying EA?
  15. Managing your time, dealing with interruptions and saying NO to stuff
  16. How to make minute taking an absolute breeze
  17. Starting out as a VA
  18. Am I really being proactive
  19. Live Q&A with Jan Jones, author of The CEO’s Secret Weapon
  20. Managing multiple Executives
  21. How can I manage expectations when I don’t know what they are?
  22. How to prepare a powerful presentation that creates impact!
  23. How Assistants Become Leaders
  24. Help, my boss is hard to work with and it’s affecting everyone’s morale!
  25. I am not being paid what I am worth, how do I negotiate a pay rise?
  26. My Executive is stuck on a business trip. How do I get them home?
  27. I have so many ideas that could improve my organisation, how do I make people listen?
  28. How to onboard a new boss
  29. Q&A with the CEO of BrewDog and his high-flying Executive Assistant
  30. How to handle the office move
  31. How to manage the 1.2.1 meeting with your Executive
  32. Productivity tools and tricks for Assistants
  33. How to end Outlook Overwhelm
  34. A look at the dual role of Assistant and Office Manager
  35. How to communicate effectively
  36. Working smarter with a remote boss
  37. Managing social media profiles
  38. Collaboration tools and how to use them
  39. Effective Listening
  40. Refreshing your research skills
  41. Executive Performance and the impact of Artificial Intelligence
  42. Are you the game changer in your business?
  43. Leading from behind
  44. Empowering women in the workplace
  45. Pimping your staff away day
  46. Managing staff
  47. Stepping up being heard in meetings
  48. The road to strategic thinking
  49. Productivity tips and tricks
  50. Impact and influence
  51. Working with millennials
  52. Panel Session: The challenges and triumphs Assistants face as they transition into business-critical roles
  53. Badass project management skills
  54. Plus several “Day in the Life” sessions with top-level Assistants around the world