Create a partnership with your Executive


Nicky Christmas the founder and Editor of Practically Perfect PA has selected eighteen sessions that explain and demonstrate how assistants can make the most of the vey special relationship between themselves and their executive.

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Developing a strong relationship with your Executive or Manager is a challenge faced by all Assistants. Communication, understanding your boss’s way of working and managing your own systems are all key to ensuring you’re able to build a truly dynamic working relationship with your boss. 

Enjoy 6 hours of handpicked content to ensure you are strengthening your working relationship:

  • Business Critical Assistants
  • How To Master A Difficult Conversation
  • Managing Your boss’s schedule like a megastar
  • Millennial Managers
  • Managing Expectations
  • Managing Up
  • Dealing With Multiple Executives
  • How To Get Into The Inner Circle
  • Effective Communication
  • Working Smarter With a Remote Boss
  • Does Your Personality Fit
  • Positioning yourself as a business asset
  • How to work with a busy boss
  • Onboarding a new Executive
  • Interview with The CEO of BrewDog and his outstanding Executive Assistant
  • How Can Assistants Super Charge Their Exec’s Productivity
  • Staying On Top Of The 1.2.1 Meeting

Please note that some of the sessions included in this online course appear as part of other offerings on the PPPA website.