Career Development For Assistants


13 brilliant motivational sessions to help every Assistant develop and further their career.

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Practically Perfect PA has specifically selected our most dynamic and inspiring presentations to help you develop your career as a top-notch Assistant.

Our thirteen sessions focus on the softer skills that help business people to get things done. These sessions will motivate you to push on with your career. Every session will help you identify areas where you can make small changes that will have a big impact.

  • Be The Game Changer In Your Organisation
  • Career Development And Progression – Identifying What Is Standing In Your Way
  • Developing Your Personal Branding
  • Effective Communication
  • Effective Listening
  • How To Get Into The Inner Circle
  • How To Manage The 1.2.1 Meeting
  • Proceed Until Apprehended
  • Stepping Up And Leaning In
  • Setting and Achieving Your Goals
  • The Power Of Body Language
  • The Positive Impact Of Being More Assertive
  • The Traits Of A High Flying Assistant

Our online courses are for Personal and Executive Assistants who want to learn new tips and tricks for the role. We have interviewed Assistants at the top of their game and they offer plenty of advice on how you can get there too. If you would like more information on our events head over to the Practically Perfect PA events page. We have been running events for assistants for five years and we are proud that we do events a little differently. We concentrate on making our audience feel like participants. Our content is driven by our blog, Europe’s largest online resource for Assistants. Career and personal development, practical advice and key skills will always be at the very core of our events.

We ensure our Practically Perfect PA events are packed with relevant content and offer great value. We also know that it can be quite difficult for assistants to attend training events if they do not work or live near a large city such as London. Getting the budget to attend a conference might be one thing, but asking your organisation to pay for flights and accommodation is difficult at best. You don’t need to ask all of those difficult questions with this training because our online courses are reasonably priced at £30.

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