Sofie Koark, Executive Assistant at Academic Work

Sofie Koark has been an Executive Assistant supporting Founders/CEO:s for eleven years. She is passionate about helping entrepreneurs succeed, and working in international companies with a strong growth and a great company culture.

Since 2012 she has been Executive Assistant to the Founder/CEO & Group management of Academic Work. Academic Work is a Swedish staffing group operating in the Nordics, Germany and Switzerland and specialized in finding jobs and building career for young professionals. Before that, she worked as Executive Assistant to a Founder/CEO of an international retail group owning different retail chains, products and concepts. As Executive Assistant she has worked in various areas such as CSR, product development, events, expansion and communication. Sofie is Training Officer and part of the Board of International Management Assistants (IMA) in Sweden. The network has around 1500 members in 26 countries and focus on professional development and the evolution of the profession. As Training Officer Sofie updates the Board on future trends, develops cooperation with strategic partners, organizes seminars and cooperate with the global organization on training and projects. Increasing visibility for Executive Assistants, and future-proofing the role in the digital age, is something she is deeply committed to.

Sofie has a Master’s degree in Art History and a Bachelor’s degree in Museum Studies. Originally having her mind set on working with museums, art and cultural heritage, she choose a different career path by saying yes to exciting opportunities that came her way.