Virtual Summit Preview

Keynote Speakers

Nicky Christmas

Founder of Practically Perfect PA

Esther Stanhope

The Impact Guru, Speaker, Author & Personal Impact Expert

Henrietta Barker

Founder of Workk Life and Host of The Assistants Together Podcast

Hallie Warner

Chief of Staff Adam Hergenrother Companies

Pam Howell

Executive Business Partner to Chief Business Officer YouTube

Peggy Vasquez

International Speaker, Career Coach and Author

Andrew Reeves

Executive Assistant to the COO Reddit

Jeff Gargas

COO / Co-founder, Teach Better Team

Liz Van Vliet

Founder & CEO of My EA Career

Steuart Snooks

Founder, Revolutionise Your Inbox Online Training

Summit Schedule

The Managing Up Virtual Summit took place on Thursday 30th June. You can still take a deep dive into managing and up and mastering the Assistant role.

Session One
  • Move Into The Impactful Zone & Show Up As A Linchpin Assistant

    • Five things you can do right now to assist with IMPACT

    • A case study of how an assistant embraced the challenge to elevate their impact by resetting & re-energising their relationship with their Executive

    • How Linchpin Assistants use the 3Ps to be more effective and strategic

    You will come away with a practical and proven approach to improving the trust and confidence your Executive has in you whilst building mutual respect.

    Liz Van Vliet, Founder & CEOFounder & CEOMy EA Career

Session two
  • Working in the inner circle and taking your seat at senior meetings

    In this session, Nicky will share her thoughts on what it means to work in the inner circle with your Executive. She will cover:

    • Influencing and building connections inside the inner circle
    • Making the most of meetings and voicing your opinions
    • The five essential characteristics needed to work successfully inside your Executive’s inner circle

    After the session, you will have the skills you need to take your seat in leadership meetings and work alongside senior Executives in your organisation.

    Nicky Christmas, Founder and Editor of Practically Perfect PA 

Session three
  • Asking the right questions in an Assistant interview 

    Join Henrietta Barker, Founder of Workk Life, a London-based recruitment agency working with companies to hire administrative professional talent and the host of the Assistants Together Podcast.

    Interviews are nerve-wracking enough, but when you have to ask the interviewer questions, it’s often so hard to know what to ask. Maybe they’ve already covered everything you wanted them to answer, or perhaps you’re just unsure what you can or can’t ask.

    Henrietta breaks it down for you step by step to understand the importance of asking the right questions, why clients want you to ask questions in an interview, and how to prepare.

    Breaking down the questions for you into different areas such as the role itself, training and development, and what success in the role looks like, she makes it easy for you to pick and choose the questions that feel right for you so you can feel comfortable and confident that you know enough about a role to decide if it’s the right next move in your career.

    Henrietta Barker, Founder of Workk Life and Host of The Assistants Together Podcast

Session four
  • Speak like a leader

    In this session, learn tips on how to have the charisma of a TV star and the gravitas of a world leader to win over your audience’s hearts and minds!

    • How to make an impact in 10 seconds – the hook time.
    • Body language – embracing the limelight.
    • Nailing your message – finding the top line with less detail & more impact.
    • Engaging with your audience.
    • Charisma, gravitas, status and trust.
    • How to speak, using your full voice and all your talents you’ve yet to discover!

    Esther Stanhope, The Impact Guru, Speaker, Author & Personal Impact Expert

Session five
  • Using Self-Awareness to Bring Value to Others

    We will explore how understanding our strengths, weaknesses, passions, and challenges allows us to better support those we work with. We’ll discuss:


    • How to self-assess, gather thoughts from others, and accept critical feedback to understand our strengths and weaknesses.
    • Why it is essential to focus more on our strengths rather than dwell on our weaknesses.
    • Why our weaknesses are not deficiencies but rather opportunities to find the harmony between our work style and that of those we support.

    After this session, I hope you’ll be more aware of your strengths and weaknesses and how they impact your work, so you can find the harmony between yourself and those you support to create stronger, more positive, and more efficient working relationships.

    Jeff Gargas, COO / Co-founder, Teach Better Team

Session six
  • Effective communication in the C-Suite

    As Susan Scott, author of Fierce Conversations wrote, “The conversation is the relationship.” In this session, Hallie will help you understand how to effectively communicate with your leader to build a strategic business partnership. Hallie will focus on:

    • Understanding your leader’s and team members’ communication styles
    • Creating a cadence and framework for effective communication
    • Building confidence to have the tough conversations

    Hallie Warner, Chief of Staff Adam Hergenrother Companies

Session seven
  • What does it mean to manage up?

    In this informative panel session, we discuss what it truly means to manage up in the Executive Assistant role. We delve into the tactics our panellists use to communicate with their Executives, package ideas and suggestions and building a solid partnership.

    Pam Howell, Executive Business Partner to Chief Business Officer YouTube | Andrew Reeves, Executive Assistant to the COO Reddit

Session eight

    How to manage  your Executive’s energy and mind-set

    A key role of an EA is to manage their Executive’s priorities and all the other things coming into and out of the office to enable them to be most productive and effective throughout the day as possible. This includes ensuring the Executive is not constantly dealing with constant interruptions and other minutiae of the day to day activities of their office. The gateway for so many of these daily inputs is via email. This presentation will show you a breakthrough method to help you and your executive coordinate how you manage their incoming email and workload. What you learn will free up surprising amounts of their time, energy and headspace so they can focus on higher-order priorities, projects and leadership tasks.

    Steuart Snooks, Revolutionise Your Inbox Online Training

Session nine
  • Managing up and driving your career forward 

    Want to know how to manage up and drive your career forward? In this engaging session, Peggy will help you understand what managing up means, the pros and cons, and some simple do’s and don’ts for managing your manager.

    • What is the best way to manage your manager
    • Easy steps to manage up
    • How managing up can drive your career forward

    As a result, you’ll have new strategies to move your career forward, help your manager and organisation shine, and forge a stronger bond with your manager that will last far beyond your current role.

    Peggy Vasquez, International Speaker, Career Coach and Author

Ticket Pricing


GBP£50 | USD$60| EUR60
  • WATCH nine brilliant tailored sessions for Assistants
  • Access Managing Up and Mastering The Assistant Role for three month