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Events Management for Assistants

One of the main challenges for PAs when organising events is demonstrating that there is a process to organising the event. Too often we are given an event to organise but still have a whole host of people making suggestions, or undertaking actions that… how can I put this delicately….don’t always help.

Practically Perfect PA Editor Nicky Christmas supports this view and believes that the event training specially designed for Assistants will empower attendees, she says:

With many of the events I’ve organised I haven’t had a budget or clear objectives. A venue has been dropped in my lap once I’ve agreed other parts of the event which meant that I had to go back to the beginning and start over! I thought that this was just part and parcel of organising an event. However William says that he can deliver a one day session that would make these things disappear as well as help assistants run less boring events

This training workshop is specially designed for any assistant involved in the delivery of events. The purpose of the training is to help assistants create, support and deliver insightful and high quality events.

Attendees will be asked to fill out a brief questionnaire

before attending the training course to allow the trainer to tailor the course.

Wednesday 16th November 2016


Course fee £150 + VAT

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  • William Thomson

    The Trainer

    William Thomson has been running events for almost 20 years. He has managed almost every type of event and has organisers events all across the world. William has a proven track record of delivering exceptional training in many areas within events. He is passionate that with his support attendees can make their events much less boring and much more valuable.

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Hear from past attendees about our training course


Louise Rigg

Louise Rigg

Executive Assistant / Teens and Toddlers

The Event Management training course was absolutely fantastic, for many reasons, but namely meeting with other assistants and hearing about the common things we come against when organising events. It can never be underestimated that a problem shared is a problem halved and we did better than that – we eradicated most of them over the course of the day. The day was structured and contained lots of content, but with enough flexibility to accommodate the pace of the group and the areas which spiked an interest with us as we went along. William as a trainer really brought the group together and spoke confidently using his expertise. I’d thoroughly recommend this course to anyone who runs an event or has an interest in doing so – the information and skills learnt are invaluable.

Clare Atkinson

Clare Atkinson

Personal Assistant / Q Medical Technologies Ltd

The event management course was great. It gave me an opportunity to expose some of my weaknesses as a new assistant and let down the calm exterior that is expected of a PA. I learnt so much that I use on a daily basis and came back with the confidence to start making a difference. • Amazing tips in the event planning process • Great ammunition to push back on others requesting information that isn’t necessary until later stages in event planning. Felt I had the power to control my events and stop other managers taking over. • A general overview of what a PA can really bring! • A reminder of what events are really about... NO MORE POWERPOINTS! • The power of a great, inspiring event. • The art of personalisation.

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