Assist Travel

When it comes to business travel there is so much choice. How do assistants know which airlines to fly with, hotels to book or travel management company to rely on? When making these decisions assistants turn to the valuable resources at Practically Perfect PA. Now our readers can attend our dedicated travel show to meet with suppliers face to face. Assist Travel is the only business travel event for Personal Assistants, EAs, Office Managers and Administrators in London, UK. It is the event if you organise business travel for your Executive and Business. Assist Travel is organised by Practically Perfect PA the UK’s most popular blog for PAs, EAs, OFfice Managers and Administrators. Putting Assistants together with Business Travel Suppliers for the first time. Taking place in London September 2017. The event for business travel suppliers and Administration professionals. 80% of attendees have a major say when changing their travel suppliers.