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Join our community of like-minded Executive, Personal and Administrative Assistants from all over the world and grow into a strategic business partner and asset for your orgainsation.

Our hand-picked line up of the world’s leading experts will show you how to implement ideas, develop your skillset and define your career so that you stand out as a high-level Assistant.

This is your opportunity to learn career-defining strategies and tactics right from the comfort of your own desk (or home).


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What to expect at the Virtual Summit


Recognition for the Assistant industry

What can Assistants do to gain recgonition in their role, be seen as a business asset and ask for a promotion?

Becoming a Strategic Business Partner

The next step for Assistants is working as a business partner. We will look at the steps to get there and the rewards.

What's next for Assistants?

What can you expect as Assistants when you want to transition out of the role or move up in the career ladder. 

Career Development Resources for Assistants

A look at all of the best resources available for Assistants to learn and develop their careers. 

Future-proofing your role in the age of AI

With the increase in the use of AI, what can Assistants do to future-proof their career and make use of new tools?

Setting objectives and goals for your career

Setting goals for your Assistant role so that you thrive in the role and take the next steps in your career

Our fantastic speakers


Nicky Christmas

Founder and Editor of Practically Perfect PA

Topic: Reward and Recognition for the Assistant industry

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Rhonda Scharf

Founder of On the Right Track

Topic: How do I future proof my career with the coming of AI? 

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Carmel Bond

EA and Founder of Melbourne EA Group

Topic: How to make an Assistant network work! 

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April Stallworth

EA and Founder of Strong Women Strong Lives

Topic: How to make an Assistant network work! 

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Virtual Summit 2019

As the only Assistant at my company, it can sometimes be challenging when people don’t fully appreciate or understand my role. Last Friday reminded that I’m not alone and I am one of many open-minded, talented Assistants our world has to offer. Thank you for bringing us closer together.

Virtual Summit 2018

I ended up with pages and pages of takeaways that I shared with my Executive at our weekly meeting. Really gained valuable knowledge, thought processing and ways to support my career and my executive. Mega thank you!

Virtual Summit 2018

I thoroughly enjoyed the summit, it was the first time participating and would be very likely to join again as I found it highly relevant and insightful. The day was a perfect way to reassess my role and ways that I can continually improve and also refresh my mind.

Virtual Summit 2017

I am the only E.A at my company, so its comforting to know that there is a network out there who knows what i'm dealing with on a day to day basis! I will most definitely put my copious amounts of notes into practice. and I'm looking forward to 2018 summit already!

Virtual Summit 2017

Absolutely groundbreaking - a demonstration of what can be achieved with dedication and ambitious creative thinking. Not just an exceptional resource for PAs, but an example to us too. Inspiring, motivating, and full of fantastic key learning points, no matter where you are in your career.

Virtual Summit 2019

Just want to say THANK YOU for organising it - this was my first time attending a virtual summit, and it was better than in-person conferences I have participated in the past. Lots of value!