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Keynote Speakers

Nicky Christmas

Founder of Practically Perfect PA

April Stallworth

Speaker | Trainer | LinkedIn Learning Instructor

Nick Ginsburg

EA and Founder of The Admin Collective

Monique Jordan-Cave

Creative Career and Leadership Coach

Elizabeth Harrin

Education and mentorship for project managers – Author, Trainer, Speaker

Dr. Heather Denniston


Anastasia Banks

Executive Presence + Leadership Coach

Faye Kilgour-Neves

The ‘What If’ Coach

Lauren Weggeman

1:1 Executive Coach and Head of EA Training at Mindmaven

Summit Schedule

The Assistant Strategies for Success took place on Thursday 15th September. You can still dive deep into strategies and tactics that will keep you up to date and ahead of the competition.

Session One
  • Authenticity and the admin profession

    As administrative professionals, we often feel like we can’t be ourselves in the workplace. In this session, Nick will help you tackle the fear associated with authenticity and help you show up as yourself in all aspects of your life. He will focus on;

    The foundations of authenticity
    Integrating authenticity and your workplace
    How to show up as yourself in all aspects of your life.

    After this session, you will have the confidence to understand your authentic self and the skills to start implementing this in your life.

    Nick Ginsburg, EA and Founder of The Admin Collective

Session Two
  • Things You shouldn’t Feel Guilty For at Work

    In this session, Monique gets up-close and personal as she shares what you shouldn’t feel guilty for at work. You will learn:

    How to feel unapologetic for your career success (and how to handle the bitter betty’s).
    How to let go of mistakes and immediately change the outcome. (Plus empowerment practices to help you overcome and beat your doubts).
    How to influence and manage your colleagues. (Because who needs the extra pressure).

    Guilt is an emotion and 100% normal. But, feeling guilty at work directly impacts your productivity, the vision you have for your career progression and your wellbeing.

    She’s not having that!

    Monique Jordan-Cave, Creative Career and Leadership Coach

Session Three
  • Asking the right questions and getting the information you need 

    Much of an Assistant’s day is spent asking questions. Status updates, negotiating with colleagues and suppliers, asking for the correct paperwork and raising concerns around processes and procedures. 

    It is something Assistants do regularly, but very little training is offered on this topic, and many people don’t consider it a skill that can be honed for Assistants, when used right, it makes us more effective and our Executives more productive. 

    In this session, Nicky will discuss the types of questions that Assistants can ask in various scenarios that will help drill down on specifics, increase influence and be seen and heard in meetings.

    Nicky Christmas, Founder of Practically Perfect PA and The EA Campus

Session Four
  • Managing multiple projects

    In this session, Elizabeth Harrin will share the skills you need to develop to get your To Do list under control so you can spend less time juggling and more time moving your projects forward. Elizabeth will show you:

    The five things that make managing multiple projects different from just leading one project
    Her favourite method for managing your time across multiple projects
    The best way to sequence your projects
    The one thing that’s killing your comms and what to do about it

    After this session, you’ll be able to pinpoint where to focus your energy to manage multiple projects better and leave the office on time.

    Elizabeth Harrin, Author, Trainer, Speaker on Project Management

Session Five
  • Executive Presence for Assistants

    Executive presence is the wow factor in business and a pre-condition to success. During this presentation (you can change it to ‘video’ if it’s more appropriate), you’ll learn:

    3 C’s of executive presence
    Top tips on how to boost your credibility through assertion

    We’ll finish with a powerful guided hypnosis that will help you instantly become more assertive, speak with poise and energy and boost your social confidence.

    Anastasia Banks, Executive Presence + Leadership Coach

Session Six
  • The Psychology of Performance – Working with it, not against it!

    In this session, Faye will share three simple yet powerful psychological concepts intrinsically linked to our performance. She will walk you through:

    How to embrace discomfort
    How to gather evidence of how brilliant you are
    See past your biases (even when you think you’re not!)

    After the session, you will walk away with an understanding of what happens in your mind and body when you are faced with challenges and be equipped for how to move through them.

    Faye Kilgour-Neves, The ‘What If’ Coach

Session Seven

    Ensure your one-to-one meeting is always in your Executive’s schedule

    For Assistants spending time with their Executives is imperative for success.

    But many Assistants do not get one-to-one time, or they have ad hoc meetings as and when they can squeeze five minutes into a packed schedule. They have a quick catch-up meeting walking down corridors in between appointments, or you manage to sneak five minutes on the end of a zoom call about something else. 

    In this session, Nicky will run through a series of tips to help everyone get that much-needed time with their Executives, and when you are together, you are working in sync, adding value and moving your goals forward.

    Nicky Christmas, Founder of Practically Perfect PA

Session Eight
  • The journey of EA to EM (engagement manager) – How to Help Your Executive Free Up 10+ Hours/Week.

    EAs are often bogged down in day-to-day tasks and don’t have time to think strategically about their role. This can lead to frustration and the inability to add more value beyond tactical work.

    In this session, Lauren will show you how to provide leverage above and beyond the tactical/operational day-to-day stuff you’re likely already doing. Lauren will focus on:

    How to fundamentally shift the perspective of your role from EA to Engagement Manager (and why this is an essential first step)

    Tactics like eDrafting and Inbox Shadowing fundamentally change how you work with your Executive, giving you access to context and a true understanding of your execs priorities.

    After this session, you’ll be better equipped to help your executive master the Superpower of Leverage and help them on their path to True Greatness: Exceptional success without sacrificing the things in life that matter most.

    Lauren Weggeman, 1:1 Executive Coach and Head of EA Training at Mindmaven

Session Nine
  • Level Up, Get Unstuck and Boost Your Career

    Level Up: A verb that means to progress to the next level

    Are you ready to take the steps necessary to reach the next level in your career? April has spent the last 30+ years as an Executive Administrative Professional but recently took on a Director role for a large high school district outside Chicago. 

    Throughout her career, April has continued to position herself to take on high levels of leadership in every job she obtained in the corporate, non-profit, and education sectors while running her successful coaching, training, and consulting business. This message is for you whether you want to advance into management or continue growing within the administrative ranks. April will share real-life examples and practical steps you can take to prepare for your next level of success.

    April Stallworth, Speaker | Trainer | LinkedIn Learning Instructor

Session Ten
  • You Are Spilling Your Most Precious Resource – Discover Your Energy Leakage Liabilities

    Constantly stressed and overwhelmed? Feel like you have no time for yourself or the things that truly matter? You are not alone. What if increased energy, optimised well-being, and time freedom were closer than you thought?

    Find out your “Energy Leakage Score” with a quick inventory assessment

    Learn daily practices causing “brain drain” and “soul suck.”

    Finally, gain confidence by patching the holes in your energy bucket for good.

    After this session, you will have a toolbelt of ways to improve energy, mitigate stress, and prioritise your time for yourself and the things you care about.

    Dr Heather Denniston, CEO of WELLFITandFED

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  • Access to the post-event recording for three months