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Practically Perfect PA Virtual Summit

Keynote Speakers

Nicky Christmas

Founder of Practically Perfect PA

Nick Ginsburg

EA and Founder of the Admin Collective

April Stallworth

Speaker | Trainer | LinkedIn Learning Instructor

Angela Wilson

Career Transition Coach | Author | Speaker

Hilani Ellis

Specialized Partner | Founder
Exceptional Admins

Debra Coleman

EA | Podcast Host, Have A Seat Conversations With Women in the Workplace

Hallie Warner

Chief of Staff | Co-Author of The Founder & The Force Multiplier

Candice Burningham

Founder of Admin Avenues

Kathy Gruver

Stress, Mindset and Communication Expert

Ali Green

Founder of Elevatium Training

Lily Shippen

Owner & Managing Director at Lily Shippen

Summit Schedule

The Assistant Strategies for Success took place on Tuesday 31st January 2023. You can take a dive deep into key skills and strategies that will keep you up to date and ahead of the competition.

  • Leveraging advances in technology to increase your productivity

    In this session, Nick will help you leverage technological advances to achieve greater productivity so you can focus on the things you love. Nick will cover the following:

    Increase your productivity by using the right tools and technology to spend time on the tasks that matter.
    Getting the most out of the technology that you use
    Keeping up to date with the latest tech, software and apps and their applications in your role

    After this session, you will have all the tools to start getting more time back in your day.

    Nick Ginsburg, EA and the Founder of the Admin Collective

  • Managing momentum and moving tasks forward

    Some days it can feel like you are flying through your to-do list and everything is moving in the right direction. On other days it can be hard to know where to start, and it feels like everything needs to be done. A key aspect of productivity is managing momentum and moving tasks forward. In this session, Nicky will share her strategy for: 

    Managing momentum even when you don’t feel like it
    How to get started with tasks and maintain progress
    Driving action and getting stuff done. 

    After the session, you will have a plan in place to manage your to-do list so that you are always seeing results.

    Nicky Christmas, Founder of Practically Perfect PA and The EA Campus

  • Q&A with April Stallworth, award-winning Executive Assistant and LinkedIn Learning Instructor

    In this Q&A, Nicky sits with award-winning Executive Assistant and LinkedIn Learning Instructor April Stallworth to discuss her career journey.

    April Stallworth, Speaker | Trainer | LinkedIn Learning Instructor

  • Creating a Career Audit

    Angela will show you how to transition into the next chapter in your career.

    Get clear about the next steps in your career journey
    Explore how to future-proof your career
    Discover what is holding you back from an inspiring career

    After this session, you will gain clarity and develop a plan and confidence to transform your career.

    Angela Wilson, Career Transition Coach | Author | Speaker

  • What are Executives looking for in their Assistants in 2023?

    In this panel session, we sit down with three recruitment specialists in the Assistant market who will share their thoughts on what Executives and organisations are looking for in their new Assistant hires.

    We discuss the skills in demand and how Assistants can prepare themselves for the following year.

    Hilani Ellis, Founder Exceptional Admins

    Candice Burningham, Founder of Admin Avenues

    Lily Shippen, Owner & Managing Director at Lily Shippen

  • Communication Trends for Assistants in 2023

    In this session, Debra will help you quickly understand the latest exciting trends in office communication. Debra will concentrate on the following:

    The importance of nurturing hybrid-friendly communication techniques ensures our teams feel empowered and supported
    How the use of innovative tech tools can add value to our communication toolkit
    Creative ways to involve our executive team in staff communication

    After this session, you can apply innovative techniques to help build a healthier communication flow for your executive and team.

    Debra Coleman
    EA | Podcast Host, Have A Seat Conversations With Women in the Workplace

  • The Future of Work & How You Win

    The world of work has changed many times over the last few years, and every time it shifts, it does so faster. So where is the future of work going now? And what do those changes mean for assistants who want to create a strong partnership with their leader and continue to grow their careers? 

    In this session, Hallie will focus on the following: 

    The four skills you need to win at work
    Cultivating confidence and developing your executive presence
    How to communicate your role to internal and external stakeholders 

    After this session, you will be empowered to navigate changes in your career, forge your path, and win at work and in life. 

    Hallie Warner
    Chief of Staff | Co-Author of The Founder & The Force Multiplier

  • Say What?! How to Communicate Anything to Anyone

    Communication is key. But what happens when the people communicating are speaking different languages? Learn what type of communicator you are and how to reach across that divide to influence others who communicate differently. 

    Combining communication skills, NLP, and psychology will imbue the audience with new skills and understanding to ensure their message is heard, effective and productive. Whether between coworkers, team members, bosses or in front of an audience, this workshop will help you up your game and allow you to accomplish more with less misunderstanding and confusion.

    This program is for anyone that wants to learn more about communication style, conscious communication, thinking on their feet, direct and inferred communication and how to get what you want with different personality types.

    Kathy Gruver, Stress, Mindset and Communication Expert

  • Setting Boundaries

    Setting Boundaries is incredibly important for all EAs, PAs and VAs, but identifying and implementing them can be a hugely daunting task – so much so that most of us don’t do it!

    In this session, Ali will share the following:

    Areas to focus on when you’re thinking about your professional boundaries
    Ideas on how to set and implement those new boundaries
    Tips for protecting your boundaries from people who might want to ignore them

    After joining this session, you’ll feel more confident that you can (and will!) set some professional boundaries for yourself.

    Ali Green, Founder of Elevatium Training

Assistants love our Virtual Summits

I can honestly say I have benefitted and learnt something from every single one of the subjects covered in the Summits I have attended, and I am sure I will continue to do so. 

Sally Nicholson, Personal Sectetary, UK Ministry of Defence

I have attended several PPPA virtual summits and always feel empowered and energised immediately after. The knowledge and insight we receive from other professionals around the world really hit home that either we are doing a great job or provide us with the tools to bolster our output in the workplace.

Amy Cox, Directors Assistant, RKW Limited
PPPA is one of the best companies offering training for administrative professionals. Their quarterly Virtual Summits are filled with gold nuggets of insider knowledge, and their list of virtual training is tailored to the needs of assistants worldwide. I highly recommend any of their materials as it has made a massive difference in my career.
Paula Gagnon, Executive Assistant
I love the Virtual Summits I’ve been a part of so far! The platform is excellent, and it’s a cost-effective way to learn new skills.
Abby Bracewell, Executive Administrative Assistant, Home
The content is valuable and comes both free and paid. A lot of different options for gaining further knowledge via summits, online content and online courses. Very active, informative and a rare and valuable tool for PAs and EAs.
Kate Hannon, Executive Assistant, Queensland University of Technology
I learn so much from all the different aspects of PPPA – whether it’s a webinar, a conference or a summit; catching up on previously recorded events or reading the articles, I always come away with something new, different, or to try out, and as a result, I’m always able to share tips, tricks and guidance with others.
Alex Leigh, Executive Assistant, Sport England

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