Our Tips and Techniques for Assistants video series focus on seasoned Assistant’s advice for success in the role. Each Assistant has a tremendous amount of knowledge to share with you, and we are proud to introduce their videos to you each week. You can find all of the tips and tricks on the Practically Perfect PA YouTube Channel

The next incredible Assistant sharing her top ten tips and techniques is Skevi Constantinou. Skevi is an Executive Assistant and Founder and Director of The PA Way. The PA Way is a lifestyle platform aimed to inspire, empower and motivate assistants to be the best that they can be. Skevi is an ambassador for the EA/PA/VA profession and has spoken on various panel discussions and guest speaking nationally and internationally.

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Tips and Techniques for Assistants – Skevi Constantinou

Tip number 1

Network your net worth. You need to go outside of your comfort zone and network. Meet other people and share your experiences.

Tip number 2

Understand it’s only information. We are capable of dissecting and processing the information and understanding that with our skillset as an Assistant, we can use it to our advantage.

Tip number 3

Check sent items folder first thing in the morning. So this will help you understand what your Executive has done while you were at home. You can see what needs to be action and how they replied to emails. You’ll be able to follow up on these points and see if there is a call to action that you need to discuss with your Executive.

Tip number 4

Learn the art of saying “no”. Saying no allows you to push back politely and will give you some freedom to access the situation. Can you do the task? Do you need extra resources? Do you need help?

Tip number 5

Why Debbie in pensions is lethal. Office gossip is the worst. And there is always one person who comes over to sabotage somebody in the office. It’s nice to interact with fellow Assistants and colleagues, but you need to remain professional. Don’t be unkind. It’s not cool, be nice. Try to stay out of office politics as best as you can.

Tip number 6

Set yourself on fire – not literally. I want you to understand that you can be your biggest cheerleader and level up, we can always be better we can inspire change, we can be strategic.

Tip number 7

There is no Plan B. I want you to think about your goals and aspirations. Stick to a plan on how to level up, create a plan of action and accelerate yourself and be your biggest cheerleader,

Tip number 8

Share knowledge. If you are a senior Assistant, share best practice. If you are starting, learn from more senior Assistants. They can teach you tricks that you can’t learn on any course. These are life lessons, and everyone has something to offer.

Tip number 9

Me, myself and I. Never stop learning enhance your skillset.

Tip number 10

Be the CEO. Think like your Executive, think like a boss. Not only for your boss, but for yourself.

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