It goes without saying that Gifs, emoticons, emojis and Memes are everywhere on social media. We use them all the time, to express a point, to send a quick reply, to make people laugh. Gifs are great and Memes are funny as hell. But do you use them at work? And if not, why not? It’s all about context right? Obviously, you wouldn’t send a Gif to the Chairman of the Board, but to your manager? Sure, if they are approachable and used to receiving these types of communications. With much more informal communication channels now in use at work – such as Slack and Whatsapp the use of alternative messages such as Gifs and Memes are even more prevalent. And if you look after your organisation’s social media profiles then you need to know where to go to find great Gifs, Memes and emojis. Here is a list of where to go for a great Gif and other creative messaging.

Where to go for a great Gif and other creative messaging


Giphy is home to 100,000s of gifs and is the first place to start looking. You can search easily on the website and there are categories that you can look through.

Reaction Gifs 

Reaction Gifs is a great place to find gifs that reflect your mood!

Gif Mood Board 

From Buffer, this is another great place to search for Gifs.  Gif Mood Board is easy to navigate and download the images.


EZGIF is a free website that helps you create Gifs using your own images. Upload your images and then download as one Gif. Easy!

Adobe Spark 

If you want to create a quick video to send over to your colleagues, or add to a presentation, or upload to social media Abobe Spark is the website for you. It is super easy to create little videos that help deliver your message.


Pinterest is a great place to start when looking for a funny meme. There are loads! Here are just a few for workplace hilarity!

Meme Generator 

Meme Generator is another place to find memes that are popular and trending.


There are loads of images on Tumblr, loads of Gifs and memes. I like #whatshouldwecallme for gifs and funny social media messages.

Google Images 

There are obviously loads of Gifs and memes over on Google Images. This is a good place to start if you are looking for something that is trending and popular.

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