During the Virtual Summit 2017, we had the brilliant Lisa N. Alexander present her session on how Assistants can feel more empowered in the workplace. On the outside you smile, you nod in agreement, but inside you’re frustrated. You’re angry at yourself for not speaking up. You don’t ask for what you want because:

  • You don’t know how
  • You assume the answer will automatically be no
  • You think you’re the only person who can get it done
  • Your words get all jumbled up, and you think you sound like an idiot

So to keep from looking silly or stupid, you live with behaviour that grates your nerve.

What if I look stupid?

In today’s video Lisa N. Alexander will help you unlearn the lie, work hard, don’t ask and wait to be rewarded (get what you want). It will help you find the courage and develop the skills to ask confidently. You have every right to do so.

  • Start unravelling what you learned about not asking
  • Identify what you want
  • Learn three essential communication skills to help you ask
  • What to do when the answer is no

Career Development for Assistants Online Course

What if I look stupid?

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