Sometimes it’s hard to take a step back from all the work that you have to get through and look at how best to plan your time. But investing time in planning will save you lots of energy in the long run and make you more productive. It feels so good to check off that list and achieve your goals, so here are some tools to help.

Top 5 planners for organised Assistants

1. Lifetick

Top 5 day planners for organised Assistants

Sometimes achieving our goals doesn’t happen overnight. Lifetick tracks the progress of each goal – that can anything from saving money to getting fit. It helps you set up SMART objectives and capture the journey to achieving your targets. You can also use this tracking tool in your business. It has functions for teams that can help track project goals.

2. Google Keep 

Top 5 planners for organised Assistants

We love Google Docs, and Google Keep is another excellent addition to the collection! Help keep track of your lists in real time, and share the burden with colleagues, well the list at least! Record voice memos on the go and have it automatically transcribed. Grab a photo of a poster, receipt or document and efficiently organise or find it later in the brilliant Google search function. Keep also integrates with Gmail, Google Calendar which makes it handy for saving information on those platforms too.

3. Evernote

Top 5 planners for organised Assistants

Evernote is pretty much a place to keep everything! From done lists, to-do lists, collaborations/group projects with a place to share notes and notebooks and store work in progress, emails, finished work, project plans, meeting notes, and all the information everyone needs to get the job done. Here are just 38 reasons to use Evernote.  

4. iMindMap

Top 5 planners for organised Assistants

This is a bit more of a visual one for you creatives out there. iMind Map is a way to map out ideas and keep your train of thought on track across devices because you never know when the next train of thought will pop up. This software lets you create amazing mind maps, plan out projects visually and brainstorm ideas.

5. The Full Focus Planner by Michael Hyatt

Top 5 planners for organised Assistants

Last but not least, for those of you who like to write everything down. We highly recommend The Full Focus Planner by Michael Hyatt. This planner helps you capture everything you need to get done along with monthly and yearly goals. The layout lets you focus on what is important while giving you space to dump everything that is on your mind.

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