Finding the best customer relationship management software for a small business can often fall on the laps of the office manager or Executive Assistant in the business. There are so many options out there, with different functions and price points that it can be an overwhelming choice! Saying that, every small business should be using a CRM system to track and manage clients, so here are our top five CRM systems for small business.


customer relationship management

I think most businesses will take a first look at Salesforce for their CRM and here is why. It integrates with everything, it is the biggest and most popular system on the market and the functionality is great. The starting rate is pretty reasonable but it quickly escalates when you need more tools. Here are just a few features:

  • Deliver support across email, phone, chat, and social channels
  • Manage contacts, accounts, and support cases for up to 10 users
  • Track emails and meetings automatically
  • Create custom dashboards and reports


Top 5 CRM systems for small businesses

Zoho is a great option for small businesses because again it integrates with other software that you might be using, it has a great AI tool that answers questions that you might have on your clients (based on the data you put into the system), it also has marketing tools that you can help get you more clients and it is reasonably priced.


Top 5 CRM systems for small businesses

Highrise has a number of features which allow users to track the people, conversations and tasks that make up any business. This includes:

  • Highrise can be used to track contacts and communication so that a team can view the status of any deal or relationship
  • Users can make notes on a meeting, share important emails during negotiation, or share tasks related to any contact or project
  • Users can keep track of important tasks, assign tasks to team members, get reminders via email or SMS
  • Users can track and share contacts and emails in Highrise. It’s easy to import contacts from Outlook, Gmail, Excel, and more.

Less Annoying CRM

Top 5 CRM systems for small businesses

The name of the software gives it away, this CRM is really simple and easy to use. It is effective but basic, which is what you might need when starting with your first CRM system. It is also well priced.


Top 5 CRM systems for small businesses

Insightly integrates really well with Google Suite which is a bonus if your office runs from Google. The analytics is really good on Insightly along with focusing on the following three areas:

  • Accelerate sales
  • Build relationships
  • Deliver projects

The price is reasonable and again they have features that you can use as the business grows.

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