We all know how hard it is keeping on top of the never-ending to-do list every Assistant and their Executive seem to have. The work can be relentless but don’t fear; there are lots of fantastic apps available that can help you manage your to-do list. Tracking your tasks doesn’t need to be a complicated process; a lot of Assistants still use pen and paper to keep on top of everything. The apps I have suggested below are simple to use, help manage task lists and can be shared with other people – so you can also manage your Executive’s tasks.

Top 10 to-do apps for Assistants


Todoist screenshot

Todoist is one of the most popular apps available on the market. You can use it on all of your devices and share your tasks with your colleagues and your Executive. It is straightforward to use but comes with a lot of great features that will help keep you on track.



TickTick screenshot

TickTick offers loads of features, including a great Pomodoro timer so that you take regular breaks. It can be found on every platform, and it integrates well with your calendar and project management software.


Microsoft To-Do

Microsoft To-Do screenshot

Microsoft To-Do – If you are using Microsoft 365 or Office in your organisation, this is the tool for you. Microsoft To-Do fully syncs with Outlook so you can manage your task list on the platform you use the most.



Things screenshot

Things is only available on Apple products, which is excellent if you are an iPhone or Mac user but not so great for everyone else! It is a great tool though, effortless to use and with a load of features that will keep your tasks organised and you on point.



TeuxDeux is a beautifully designed to-do list app that allows you to list your tasks throughout the week simply. Uses can add recurring tasks, highlight important tasks and set deadlines. The app looks like a piece of paper and is as simple to use.



OmniFocus screenshot

Omnifocus is only available on Apple products. It is built around the Getting Things Done productivity system and offers lots of features that help move projects forward.



Eisenhower uses the popular urgent / non-urgent matrix to help you prioritise your tasks. You can quickly move your tasks into an order of urgency and importance so that you are getting through the right tasks daily.


Google Tasks 

Google Tasks screenshot

Google Tasks – If you use the Google Suite, then it is well worth checking out Google Tasks. The app syncs with Gmail and Google Calendar and can be found easily on your Gmail inbox. You can also download Google Tasks as an app on your phone.


Remember the Milk 

Remember The Milk screenshot

Remember The Milk is so quick and straightforward to use, you can list a ton of tasks without having to move away from the app. If you need a quick to-do list or a place to remember all of those random requests, this is a great choice.



Any.do Screenshot

Any.do is great for Assistants who struggle to put a to-do list together. The plan my day feature forces users to schedule when they are going to do things and then sends notifications to your phone when the deadline is due.