Two weeks ago, we hosted our forth Virtual Summit for Executive Assistants around the world, and I’ve got to say, so far the feedback has been fantastic! We had just over 250 Assistants book onto the Virtual Summit. We opened the event just before 10 am UK time and immediately the Attendees started to join us online. By the end of the day, over 100 attendees joined us live, and the rest will have access to the recording of the entire Summit for the next three months to enjoy and rewatch. Through the magic of the internet, I was able to communicate with Assistants from all over the world, watching from their desks, their homes, in their pyjamas and in their Assistant networks and groups together in the office.

The Virtual Summit April 2019: What did you miss?

The platform that we use allows all of the attendees a chance to get chatting with each other straight away, so from the moment we were up and running we had all of the attendees talking and writing each other messages. Along with the content, the Virtual Summit is a brilliant way to connect with other Assistants and hear their stories and experiences from other parts of the world.

It indeed was a global event with PAs from all over the world joining the Summit as the day went on. We had assistants waking up at 3 am in California to join the start of the conference and Australian Assistants hanging out in the office way past closing time to watch as much as they could. I couldn’t believe how many PAs from such different parts of the world were joining the Summit – PAs from Asia, Africa, South America, Central America, the Caribbean, Australasia and Europe were all online. We need to get Antarctica, and I think we would have the whole set!

We asked the attendees lots of questions during the course of the Summit and gained a lot of insights into the role.

The Virtual Summit April 2019: What did you miss?

We are still online!

The best thing about the Summit is that everyone, no matter where they are in the world, can watch the recording of the Summit.

The recording of the event is still available as an online course, and you can still access the entire content for £50. If you would like to watch the Practically Perfect PA Virtual Summit content head over to the Virtual Summit website to gain access.

If you are not too sure, we’ve put together a video from the day’s highlights and here are a few quotes from our live attendees.

In the almost 10 years of attending conferences and workshops, this is by far the most informative workshop I have been to. I attend days of conferences and got the most in 1 day that I have in 5 days in the past. I am glad that I have gotten to know about Practically Perfect PA.

Well done PPPA! Another highly successful virtual summit with current content and fantastic presenters. A great way to stay up to date with CPD without breaking the bank. Already booked my ticket for the next virtual summit!

Great content. The interactive aspect was a lot more rewarding than expected.

Thank you so much for organising this! I found it incredibly valuable and invigorating to be able to connect into the “global” PA/EA world and learn from their vast experience. The learning I’ve taken away will definitely help improve my effectiveness and shape my role as an EA. I look forward to the next Summit!

I liked all of the event, love the fact that you can chat with other participants, have made some great contacts.

Overall a fantastic day and so inspiring and thought-provoking. I love attending these events as it reignites my enthusiasm for my job, which I love!

It’s a brilliant forum for advice, tips and getting to virtually meet and link in with lots of other EAs from around the world.

Thanks to everyone that make the Virtual Summit, I hope you enjoyed it and got a lot from the content that you can implement into your roles!

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